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 [ x x ] cDc communications
  \   /  Global Domination Update
  (' ')  #1 - June 26th, 1989

New NEW new nEW neW nEw releases for June, 1989:

106: "Dream Tripped" by Racer X.  A cowboy, Biff, and his trusty turtle
Houlihan face the terrors of the desert and an angry deity.

107: "cDc core #3" by The Pusher.  Another batch of new album reviews.  This
edition features albums by Dead Milkmen, Descendents, The Dickies, Doggy Style,
Half Life, M.D.C., The Meatmen, M.O.D., No For An Answer, and Wrecking Crew.

108: "The End" by Obscure Images.  Gerald Johnson.  A man pushed to the edge. 
A man with little hair, a gun, a book, and a loud stereo.  Is the President

109: "A Feeling of Electricity in the Air" by Jennnifer Petkus.  When the
storms come, it lives.

110: "The Flesh Man" by Richard Avis.  Follow The Flesh Man into the underworld
of prostitution, lust, and easy cash for fresh body parts.

111: "Jack and Jack" by Obscure Images.  The future.  A joyful place where Jack
the Assassin matches wits with Jack the Inner Self.  Too bad neither will live
to see tomorrow.  Neither did she.

112: "Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children #1" by Krass Katt.  A group of
rambunctious clowns on the run after their big-top 'mysteriously' burns down. 
They laugh, they cry, they love... they kill.  Alcoholism, insanity, and a bald
dog.  You'll never think of clowns - or t-files - the same way again.

and the big one...

113: "The cDc compilation: volume three" by Swamp Rat.  A self-booting ProDOS
double-sided 5 1/4" disk for any 64k+ Apple II, with classic cDc files #31-50. 
This edition features digitized screams and music, as well as improved graphics
and software.  Packed with ShrinkIt.
cDc - "Hyperbole is our business"