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 [ x x ] cDc communications
  \   /  Global Domination Update
  (' ')  #2 - April 4th, 1990

New gNu NEW gnU new GnU nEW gNu neW gnu nEw releases for April, 1990:

124: "It Hurts and Won't Make You Better" by Obscure Images.  Flutter your
brain, and shut up.

125: "Sunday" by Peter Flechette.  Follow Tony and his pal as a Sunday trip to
the mall becomes a mad suicidal agony fling.

126: "Stud Muffin R0dent" by Tequila Willy.  Laugh along with cDc's own Tequila
Willy at the lameness of another, more inferior person.  You'll wipe your brow
with relief when you find out who the wacky buffer catches this time!  But
could it be you?  Better find out quick!

127: "Double Feature" by The Dark Static.  You'll learn how to steal a dumpster
and lock people in their own houses in this vintage 1988 file, released now for
the first time.  Shades of the classic "How to Hijack a Bus", no doubt.

128: "Death and The Bovine" by Lady Carolin.  Another tome in the Cow mythos. 
Recently discovered, this manuscript details the afterlife experiences which
await the true Cultees.  Do YOU know how you'll spend eternity?

129: "Credit Card Fraud Ideas" by L.E. Pirate.  The uh...master... of CC fraud
himself brings you a file choc full of ideas for you to explore the realm of
carding with.  Just don't get caught, like L.E. did...

130: "My Day With The Dentist" by Psychedelic Warlord.  You'll roll on the
floor and bawl your eyes out to this action-packed thriller of a file....
The saliva flies hot and heavy as the close bond between patient and physician
is slowly revealed.

131: "The Three Cows" by Lady Carolin.  The bizarre olde English fairy tale of
a savage, untamed tribe of pixies which brutally disembowel cows at will.  Can
they be stopped before they destroy Camelot?  Will Arthur wield Excaliber and
save all of England?

132: "The Wild One" by Obscure Images.  The Wild One: destroyer and creator of
worlds, universes... but the sparks really fly when a Sedate One rises up, the
power of apathy as its weapon.  Who will win in the battle for millions of
souls and unimaginable power?  A blood-soaked tale of epic proportions.

133: "White Rodent's Short Story Lump" by White Rodent.  Seven mind-shattering
tales... nay, experiences...  of terror, lust, and incessant greed.  This will
certainly become one of your family's best-loved and cherished files.

Other telecom gnuz:

New cDc BBS: The People Farm, sysoped by Greenpeace at 916/673-8412.  Some of
you may remember this as the Inverted Granola Bar, now running WaffleNet
software at 3-2400 bps.  Give it a call, eat protein.

Bad news: Last month, The Metal AE finally went down for good, as Lustfer moved
and is 'puter-less.  This marks the end of the Metal Communications/Neon
Knights BBS systems, which were very popular during the early to mid 1980's. 
There is a file, entitled "The End of the Metal AE" which is a buffer dump of a
call to the AE during its last days.  The Metal AE will be missed.


cDc Global Domination Update #2 - by S. Ratte' - "Hyperbole is our business"