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 [ x x ] cDc communications
  \   /  Global Domination Update
  (' ')  #3 - May 17th, 1990

New gNu NEW gnU new GnU nEW gNu neW gnu nEw releases for May, 1990:

134: "cDc core #5" by The Pusher.  Big heap o' fresh album reviews from the man
whose nose knows.  EE!  This one features new releases from Bad Brains,
Black Flag, Dead Milkmen, Fugazi, Holy Rollers, Judge, Neurosis, Scatterbrain,
Social Distortion, and Warzone.  Root it up, boyee.

135: "Trickledown" by Josh Whalen.  A car chase, bike riding, lust for pocket
change, rioting crowds, and a clever social message... what more could you want
in a t-file?

136: "The Coming of Angels" by Obscure Images.  He was left behind to die in
the acid rain-drenched world.  From his decay, a new race emerged with one
mission.  More psycho-drama from the man who knows gnus' noses.

137: "Mourning in America" by Steve Ross.  Your elected representative may be
in trouble!  But do you know the warning signs?  An in-depth look at politician

138: "Life Sentence" by The Pusher.  It had gone too far... the pills and disco
wouldn't do it anymore.  He wants blood.  And he hates refrigerators.

Other telecom gnuz:

New (kinda) cDc BBS: NIHILISM, sysoped by G.A. Ellsworth, is up at 415/285-9453
(PCP:CAOAK).  This was formerly PURE NIHILISM in 517; G.A. moved and set the
board back up after several months.

cDc also welcomes THE NIGHTSTALKER into the Moo Crew... one more convert to the
grand cause.

Gone cDc BBS: Unfortunately, The Convent run by Lady Carolin went down last
month due to people moving about.  It may go up sometime in the future, or it
may not.

More gone boards: Ripco BBS and Billionaire Boys' Club were confiscated due to
Operation Sun Devil, a major fed bust.  Ripco is the third major t-file BBS
(along with The Metal AE and The Convent) to go down recently... bad situation.
Ripco was the main t-file BBS in the country and had been online for 5 1/2
years.  It'll be missed, and good luck to Dr. Ripco with the fed problems.

cDc Global Domination Update #3 - by S. Ratte' - "Hyperbole is our business"