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  \   /  Global Domination Update
  (' ')  #5 - January 4th, 1991

New gNu NEW gnU new GnU nEW gNu neW gnu nEw releases for January, 1991:

149: "Rural Hell" by THE NIGHTSTALKER.  A true tale of brutal justice - 
bloodthirsty vermin get their comeuppance.

150: "INJUSTICE FOR ALL: A Guide to U.S. Pot Laws" by Judy McGuire.  This file
was typed up by Major Havoc of the Buzzz Bros group and given to cDc for
distribution purposes.  Learn the penalties in YOUR state for marijuana

151: "Sex, Ecstasy and the Psychedelic Drugs" by R.E.L. Masters.  Another file
from the Buzzz Bros; this one concerns research on sexual experiences while
under the influence of psychedelics.

152: "cDc core #6" by The Pusher.  The Pusher once again lets you know what's
necessary for your continued survival upon this planet and what's total trash
in the realm of hardcore ball-busting music.  Yeehaw.

153: "Excerpts from BLADE BARRIER Book #3" by Dean Tetreault.  Pile o' short
stories about a dead friend's body and people with Superfriends tattoos. 
K-rad?  You bet!

154: "The Jolly One" by The Usenet Oracle.  Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa

155: "No Experience Necessary" by The Pusher.  In this original story, an
honest but dim-witted ex-cop is hired by "the firm" as the new Angel of Death. 
Includes a startlingly realistic cameo appearance by Satan as a lawyer.


Other telecom gnuz:

New cDc BBS: Dave Ferret and his board The Works (617/861-8976) have joined
cDc.  The Works is a long-running t-file oriented board; its 3000+ t-files
on-line make it the largest such board in the U.S.

Up again: G.A. Ellsworth has moved NIHILISM from the 415 area back to 513,
specifically 513/767-7892.  Things are sure to be rolling in a chilly-the-most
way shortly, so get involved quick.  On-line are all the cDc releases, as well
as a working record catalog and other nifty stuff.

Not up: Lady Carolin's Grassroots BBS (formerly The Convent) will be set up
sometime in the future when she moves to the Great Pacific Northwest.

New members of the Stupendously Glorious Herd: White Knight and The Deth
Vegetable, as well as the aforementioned Dave Ferret.  Returning back to an
active position are long-time cultees Tarkin Darklighter (former sysop of DSF
Devastator in 214) and Mr. Drunkfux.

Ripco is back!  Yep... same # (312/528-5020), different computer, and
somewhat lacking in t-files.  Get an account and upload something; you've
probably leeched enough from it in the past.

Other important boards:
Face to Face (713/242-6853) has been set up for members of the computer
underground to discuss telecom and legal issues along with "da fedz", all are
invited.  It kind of takes up where Phreak Klass 2600 and the Phoenix Project
left off.
The Magnetic Page (215/387-1182), sysoped by The Pook, has returned after a
long absence.  It's a great old Apple II-run board, with original software, and
it's good to see it back.

So that's it for January... we had taken a break for a few months so the news
had accumulated a bit since the last GD Update.  If you want to write us, the
address is: cDc communications, P.O. Box 53011, Lubbock, TX 79453.  Feel free
to send money and consumer electronics, or items for t-files.  Whatever.

'till the next release,
S. Ratte'

cDc Global Domination Update #5 - by Swamp Rat - "Hyperbole is our business"