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  \   /  Global Domination Update
  (' ')  #7 - July 21st, 1991

New gNu NEW gnU new GnU nEW gNu neW gnu nEw releases for July, 1991:

166 & 167: "Silent Applause" (Parts 1 and 2) by The Pusher.  A bizarre
nightmare of videotape rentals and decapitated heads.  In my opinion, this is
The Pusher's best work to date and one of the best t-files I've ever read.  No

168: "Bank Fraud" by White Knight.  Valuable info on pulling off a new bank
scam.  Make money the old-fashioned way, eh?  Hey hey....

169: "Amerika's Most Wanted" by Lady Carolin.  Lady C lets YOU know whassup in
an enthusiastic rant about the dangers of this popular TV show.

170: "My Grey Matter" by Tequila Willy.  Willy has proof that you're just a
brain in a vat being prodded by some evil scientist.  Willy knows everything.

171: "Clockwork" by Obscure Images.  Great mood-piece concerning a girl's
automated cycle of classes and vomit.  More ruling gruel... throw your stool in
a pool, wipe up that drool.

172: "Wet-Mount Slide" by Tequila Willy.  Oh-so-cleverly-titled file about a
nubile young girl, her good-to-go rubber duckie, and the night.  Willy wants to
write romance novels for a living.

173: "Urban Womb" by EnTrOpY.  Couple o' poe-ems with much urban-bred angst by
a man suffering from a spastic shift key.  Won't you please lend a hand?

174: "Self Defense" by THE NIGHTSTALKER.  Absolutely True-to-Life accounts of
preparedness triumphing over potentially terrible situations.  Brutal action
and suspense.

175: "Fuck You, Swamp Rat" by Swamp Rat.  Buncha crap that I wrote.  I thought
the stuff was kinda amusing, though you'll probably disagree.  Read it anyways.
I'm a good person, unlike the evil Tequila Willy.

176: "cDc core #7" by The Pusher.  cDc's official and very well-listened
reviewer guy comes up with more advice on how to blow your money on music.

177: "Feed 'Em to the Lions!" by Tequila Willy.  How to win arguments both for
and against the existence of God.  Become a debating genius and
astound/immediately isolate yourself from those around you.

178: "How Do I Love Thee?" by Suicidal Maniac.  Bad relationship-induced bile,
violence, and loneliness.  Groovy.  You know the deal.

179: "Hip-Hop Primer" by Larry Birnbaum & Bill Adler.  Good couple of articles
about hip-hop, with good introductory and historical information.  If you're
interested in rap music, you should read this.

180: "Amazingly True Things #1" by Swamp Rat.  Find out about cow spirits
haunting a dairy and a hole straight to Hell.  You're a completely ignorant
waste of flesh until you've read this one.

181: "Life Lost; Prosperity Gained" by Suicidal Maniac.  More bad relationship-
induced bile, this time in the form of a man who figures out how to take a
permanent vacation from family life and discovers the beauty of nature from a
padded cell.

182: "Woooaaahhh, Nelly!" by Tequila Willy.  Willy's dumbest title yet.  You'll
feel showered with... true genius... as Willy lays some Astoundingly Insightful
Poetry out on the ground for you to sniff.  And sniff it you will, with the
same kind of sick obsession a dog holds for sniffing other dogs' butts.
Willy's just into t-files for the girlies and money.  But when you get right
down to it, aren't we all?!


Other telecom gnuz:

Board movement: (notice clever defecation innuendo)  NIHILISM has packed up and
moved again, back to 517 this time.  The NEW number is 517/546-0585.  Tattoo
this one on your forehead as it looks like it'll be at the new location for
quite a while.  Hooray.  Call and hassle G.A. about his obscenely-fast modem.

Lady Carolin's board update: "What's up with The Convent/Grassroots?" you're
thinking.  (C'mon, think, think).  Well, she's moved, but did her motherboard
get fried?  Power supply?  Could be.  Hope not, though I really don't know yet.
It must be Tequila Willy's fault.

"New" cDc system: The Polka AE went online for first time last week.  The
number is 806/794-4362  pw:"KILL".  Those of you with measurable brainwaves may
have noticed that it has the same # as Demon Roach Underground, as well as
being a parody-in-a-good-way of The Metal AE.  Amazing, ain't it?  Yeah,
whatever.  Anyhow, as far as I know, there were no longer any AE lines left
operating in the whole country since The Metal AE went down over a year ago,
which is a BAD THING.  So I set it up.  Call and get something going, and
spread the word.

Big announcement: This July marks cDc's fifth year of existence.  When we
started the group in July of 1986, the old major t-file groups were still
around and writing.  Anarchy, Inc., Neon Knights/Metal Communications Inc.,
LOD/H, and MetalliBashers Inc. were all active and Phrack was becoming an
institution.  They've all fallen by the wayside now... the remains of LOD/H
hire themselves out as security consultants and Phrack is "too dangerous to put
out," or so I've been told.  We're very glad for the opportunity to read what
those groups have created and appreciate what they've done for the "Computer
Underground."  Since that time, groups have come and gone and come and gone,
but cDc keeps plugging along.  We've outlasted 'em all besides LOD/H.  We've
been true to our goals and the Hacker Ethic and the Computer Underground which
we give back to.  And for those things I'm happy to be one of the people that
composes cDc.

     We're also not putting out any viruses (not "virii"... get a dictionary).
The most recent k-rad trendy bullshit in the wannabe-ElYtE realm of gNu WaRezZ
kIdz is the creation of viruses.  Yeah, k00l.  Destroying data is as low as
selling wares or narcing on the sysop of a BBS 'cause he won't let your sorry
ass on his system.  Yeah, k00l, get the computer illiterates all paranoid and
whining to the press.  How damn impressive.  You can tell how impressed I am by
the amount of shit I'm spewing on your faces.  Maybe you can manage to do a
half-clever hack in a virus, but ha, here come more l0zerz with sector editors
rabid to change a few bytes, and a week later there're 50 new mutant versions
of your half-clever hack and none of them have your stupid name on them.  T00
bad, you wild rebel you.  All that work trying to be a "notorious virus-making
computer hacker" like you read about in Newsweek for nothing.  Trying to make
up for what a wimpy shit you are in real life.  You r0dentz need to get a
fucking clue and create something for a change.

Have a nice day,
S. Ratte'

Write to: cDc communications, P.O. Box 53011, Lubbock, TX  79453.

cDc Global Domination Update #7 - by Swamp Rat - "Hyperbole is our business"