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 [ x x ] cDc communications
  \   /  Global Domination Update
  (' ')  #8 - August 31st, 1991

New gNu NEW gnU new GnU nEW gNu neW gnu nEw releases for August, 1991:

183: "cDc core #8" by The Pusher.  He knows that he has a nose for music, and
in this up-to-date file The Pusher blows a big wad of snot to enlighten YOU,
the music-buying public.  Notice that I'm getting desperate for descriptive
phrases to put in these Updates....

184: "It Looked Back at Me" by Tequila Willy.  With a character named
"Purloined Sirloin," how can you go wrong?  Parental discretion IS advised, as
this file contains belching.

185: "The Future" by Alien Hin.  Frightening story of a potential
post-nuclear-holocaust future ruled by Christian Reformists with some
editorializing at the end.  Read it and think.

186 & 187: "Hip-Hop Primer #2" (Parts 1 and 2) by Mark Dery.  Another bunch of
hard-to-find information and history of hip-hop music.  These files go into
greater depth than "Hip-Hop Primer" (#179) which was more of an overview of the
topic.  Like that file, if you're interested in the music you should check
these out.

188: "The Illusion of Motion" by Tequila Willy.  TW, debating genius/smart-ass,
PROVES that you haven't moved an inch since the day you were born.  Alert the

189: "My Circumcision" by Franken Gibe.  Long-lost cofounder of cDc returns
with a brand-new startling tale of excess penis material.

190: "The Greater of Two Evils" by Obscure Images.  Tragedy tragedy.  Oi's
latest proves the time-tested moral: "Don't jump to conclusions."  "Don't count
your chickens before they've hatched."  "Don't count your money 'till you've
sold your stocks."  "Don't buy any Clearasil 'till your zits have popped."

191: "The Jesus Lizard Interview" by G.A. Ellsworth.  Matt The Much-Travelled
transcribes an interview he conducted with The Jesus Lizard, a darn cool band.

192: "Compact Disc Scam" by Tequila Willy.  Willy, fine upstanding citizen,
lets you in on his latest plot to extort free CD's from unsuspecting "music

193: "Butch" by Jane Delynn.  A young lesbian lady lover is lost in a loop
without love.


Other telecom gnuz:

New cDc system: Franken Gibe, former sysop of <astle <atatonic about five years
ago and cofounder of cDc, has set up a new system at 806/794-1842.  It's now
known as Kingdom of Shit and presently maxes out at 1200 baud.
Dive deep into The Shit, won't you?

Yes, we've finally set up a distribution board plan: After a lot of
consideration, we've decided upon a way to handle distribution boards.  The
distribution setup is starting this month, with the title of "Official cDc
Global Domination Factory Direct Outlets."  Obscure Images thought up the name.
All Outlet boards will have the latest cDc files shortly after the release date
to make it easier for more people to get a hold of them.  All interested sysops
should contact a cDc member about this-there's some good board advertising in
it for you.

Two-hundredth file: cDc is coming up on the 200th release and we're considering
putting out a "#200 S00per BamBam File" in the same vein is #100.  If there's
some sort of submission you'd like to make, e-mail it to me on any cDc board.

NEW Official cDc Global Domination Factory Direct Outlets:

The Floating Pancreas BBS  305/551-0311
Info Addict [SWEDEN]       +46-498-22113
Trend                      806/794-8828

That's it for this month,
S. Ratte'
"We're into t-files for the girlies and money."

Write to: cDc communications, P.O. Box 53011, Lubbock, TX  79453.

cDc Global Domination Update #8 - by Swamp Rat - "Hyperbole is our business"