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  \   /  Global Domination Update #14
  (' ')  December 30th, 1993
Est. 1984

New gNu NEW gnU new GnU nEW gNu neW gnu nEw GNU releases for December, 1993:

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241: "Cell-Hell" by Video Vindicator.  In-depth article on modifying the
Mitsubishi 800 cellular phone by Mr. Fraud himself.  Rad.

242: "The Darkroom" by Mark Vaxlov.  Very dark story about a high school rape
in the photography lab at school.  Disturbing.

243: "Fortune Smiles" by Obscure Images.  Story set in the future with
organized crime and identity-swapping.

244: "Radiocarbon Dating Service" by Markian Gooley.  Who would go out with
Gooley?  YOUR MOM!

245: "The U.S. Mercenary Army" by Phil Agee.  Forwarded by The Deth Vegetable,
this file contains a speech by former CIA agent Agee on the Gulf War.
Interesting stuff.

246: "The Monolith" by Daniel S. Reinker.  This is one of the most disgusting
files we've put out since the infamous "Bunny Lust."  I don't wanna describe
this, just read it.

247: "Post-Election '92 Cult Coverage" by Omega.  Afterthoughts on Tequila
Willy's bid for the U.S. Presidency.

248: "The Lunatic Crown" by Matthew Legare.  Wear the crown.  Buy a Slurpee.
Seek the adept.  Do not pass 'Go.'

249: "Yet Another Suicide" by The Mad Hatter.  Guy gets depressed over a girl
and kills himself.

250: "State of Seige" by Curtis Yarvin.  The soldiers hunt the dogs hunt the
soldiers.  Like, war, ya know.  Hell!

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We're always taking t-file submissions, so if you've got a file and want to
really get it out there, there's no better way than with cDc.  Upload text to
The Polka AE, to sratte@phantom.com, or send disks or hardcopy to the cDc post
office box in Lubbock, TX.

cDc has been named SASSY magazine's "Sassiest Underground Computer Group."
Hell yeah!

Thanks to Drunkfux for setting up another fun HoHoCon this year, in Austin.  It
was cool as usual to hang out with everyone who showed up.

Music credits for stuff listened to while editing this batch of files: Zapp,
Carpenters, Deicide, and Swingset Disaster.

Only text editor worth a damn: ProTERM, on the Apple II.

So here's the new cDc release.  It's been a while since the last one.  It's out
because I fucking felt like it, and have to prove to myself that I can do this
crap without losing my mind and having to go stand in a cotton field and look
at some dirt at 3 in the morning.  cDc=cDc+1, yeah yeah.  Do you know what this
is about?  Any idea?  This is SICK and shouldn't be harped on or celebrated.
This whole cyberdweeb/telecom/'puter underground scene makes me wanna puke,
it's all sick and dysfunctional.  Eat my shit, G33/