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New gNu NEW gnU new GnU nEW gNu neW gnu nEw GNU releases for May, 1994:

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251: "The False Prophets" by Lady Carolin.  It's kind of an inside joke.  'cept
ain't nobody laughin'.

252: "The Bishop" by Curtis Yarvin.  "Father McKenzie, writing the words of a
sermon that no one will hear..."  Lonely priest decides he'll be the Pope.  And
who's to stop him?  Let's all be Pope.

253: "Better, Stronger, Faster" by Omega, Reid Fleming & White Knight.  Amazing
document hacked-out of a CIA computer reveals use of popular TV program
starring Lee Majors to cover up space alien presence.

254: "Hung Like a Horse" by Krass Katt.  Blech.  Weird, kooky things go on at
veterinary hospitals.

255: "Mess o' Top Ten Lists" by The Death Vegetable & Iskra.  Like the title
says.  It's humor, man, humor.

256: "Fecal George" by David Humphrey.   Another blech one.  Nutty, crazy
college kids, eating anything for a quick buck.

257: "Goodnight, Benjamin" by Tequila Willy.  Spooky, zany business.

258: "Spontaneous Combustion and the Aryan Parade" by FLaMinG SeVeReD HeaD. 
They're on Demerol, they've got a '67 Camaro, and some fresh white mice to play
with.  Whee-doggers.

259: "The HoHoCon 1993 Experience" by Count Zero.  All experiences are
relative, but here's one to relate to.  CZ drops the skinny on the most recent
major computer underground convention.

260: "Vegas, 1976" by Mad Mac.  Snortin' coke and jacking off to a HINEY BOY
magazine in the bathroom of the Sands in Los Vegas just isn't safe anymore.

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Pretty cool buncha t-files: PuD, Pizza Underground Digest.

Good thing on TV: __The Mod Squad_ on E! at 7pm CST.  Aaron Spelling, what a
guy.  _The Love Boat_, _Charlie's Angels_, _BH 90210_, and THIS.

Hero/Role Model of the Month: People say there's not anybody to look up to
anymore.  HA!  What about Sammy Davis, Jr.?  He's Black, he's Jewish, and he's
Dead.  He sung "The Candy Man," he wore lots of gold jewlery, he hung out with
Sinatra, and he referred to everyone as "cat" or "baby."  Sammy was a prince,
baby, a prince.

Stupid Computer Geek, Part X: "In October, Houston, Tex., computer enthusiast
Shawn Kevin Quinn, 17, pleaded no contest to putting out a murder contract on
the boyfriend of a girl he had eyes for.  According to the man Quinn contacted,
Quinn offered to pay $5.30 plus seven Atari game cartridges.  After a
psychological exam portrayed Quinn as merely socially retarded by his computer
obsession, a judge sentenced him to 10 years' probation."  [Ft. Worth
Star-Telegram-AP, October 1993].  Contributed by Omega.

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