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New gNu NEW gnU new GnU nEW gNu neW gnu nEw GNU releases for July, 1994:

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261: "Interview with Greta Shred" by Reid Fleming.  Reid conducts an in-depth
interview with the editor of the popular 'zine, _Mudflap_.

262: "_Beverly Hills 90210_ as Nostalgia Television" by Crystal Kile.  Paper
presented for the 1993 National Popular Culture Association meeting in New

263: "What Color Is the Sky in Your World?" by Tequila Willy.  Here's your
homework, done right for you by T. "Super-Brain" Willy.

264: "Chicken Hawk" by Mark E. Dassad.  Oh boy.  Here's a new watermark low
level of depravity and sickness.  If you don't know what a "chicken hawk" is
already, read the story and then you'll understand.

265: "Eye-r0N-EE" by Swamp Ratte'.  This one's interesting 'cause only about
half-a-dozen or so lines in it are original.  The rest was entirely stuck
together from misc. files on my hard drive at the time.  Some art guy could say
it's a buncha post-this&that, eh?  Yep.

266: "Interview with Barbie" by Clench.  Barbie's got her guard up.  Clench
goes after her with his rope-a-dope interview style.  Rope-a-dope, rope-a-dope.
This is a boxing reference to a technique mastered by The Greatest of All Time,
Muhamed Ali.

267: "About a Boy" by Franken Gibe.  Mr. Gibe ponders a stolen photograph.
Tiny bunnies run about, unhindered, to find their own fate.

268: "Mall Death" by Snarfblat.  Story about a Dumb Girl[TM].  Are you

269: "Prophile: Future History" by THE NIGHTSTALKER.  It's the future, things
are different, but the Master Hacker Dude lives on.

270: "Time out for Pop" by Malcolm D. Moore.  Sad account of a hopless-pop.

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     "And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name
of the Cow, or the number of his name.  Here is wisdom.  Let him that hath
understanding count the number of the Cow: for it is the number of a man; and
his number is eight billion threescore and seven million nine hundred fourty-
four thousand three hundred threescore and two.  So it is written."  -Omega

Yowsah, yowsah, yowsah.  JULY once again, the super-hooray month which marks
cDc's 8th year of existence.  Outlasting everyone to completely rule and
dominate all of cyberspace, blah blah blah.  Yeah, think a special thought
about cDc's significance in YOUR life the next time you go potty.  Name your
firstborn child after me, and we'll call it karmicly even, pal.  My name is

We're always taking t-file submissions, so if you've got a file and want to
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that to the no-class-havin', bottom-feeder e-shoveling orgs. out there.

News item of the month, as found by Count Zero:


VERDEN, OKLAHOMA - Responding to a tip from an employee, Verden farmer Bill
McVey found a rotting pig in a ditch two miles north of town.  Farmer McVey
reported the pig to the authorities, because you cannot, legally, just leave a
dead pig in a ditch.  You must dispose of your deceased livestock properly.
There are companies that will take care of this for you.  As for proper
disposal of large dead animals, McVey contracts with Used Cow Dealer."

                                      "...and the rivers ran red with the bl00d
                                            of the Damned and the Deleted..."

S. Ratte'
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