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New gNu NEW gnU new GnU nEW gNu neW gnu nEw GNU releases for August, 1994:

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271: "Alvin Harper, Teen Killer" by Krass Katt.  True account of horrible

272: "Curious Lack of Vigor" by Clench.  Three crazy people.  They're nuts. 
It's amazing, just how nuts they are.

273: "Dumb and Isolated" by Franken Gibe.  Autobiographical file, aptly titled.
HA!  Ha.

274: "MaxiSpak Banana" by R.M. Wood.  It's about a new videogame system, 'cept
it's not real so it's funny.  Yes?  You betcha.

275: "Joseph Smith: Man, Yes; Myth, Maybe; Prophet, NEVER!"  by Krass Katt. 
Or, "Why the Mormon Church is a Huge Scam."  Mega-fat file on Joseph Smith,
founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and his sneaky-
snakin' which could easily make for a good segment on _Hard Copy_.

276: "Accessory" by Orion.  More real-life bad-business, in a first-person
narrative.  Drunks with guns, that sorta thing.

277: "RUSH TO JUDGEMENT - Why the World Won't End in Septeber, 1994" by Omega
and Reid Fleming.  Another stupendously large file debunking religious hoo-haw.
This one concerns a Mr. Harold Camping, President of Family Radio and author of
the popular book, _Are You Ready?_ which attempts to explain why the Second
Coming of Christ, the end of the world as we know it, etc. will occur in
September of 1994.  My money's on Omega and Reid Fleming.

278: "Slowing" by Tom Fawcett.  Story about the time-compressing effects of
depression.  Good moody atmosphere in this one.

279: "Hammers" by Obscure Images.  The ultimate industrial music fantasy.

280: "Caught in the Spotlight" by Peder Ast.  He's naked, he's running around
outside at night, and he's masturbating furiously.  Cool.

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Mail*Link( Remote             FWD>RE>Hello

gore (Al Gore) writes:

     Hi there.  I was just cruisin' along the information superhighway, when I
came across the number for The Works BBS in a Cult of the Dead Cow file.  Wow,
those boys sure are raucous!  Tipper wouldn't approve.  I won't be bringing
those home to my sexy daughters, no way no how.

     I am sure I can contribute, having an extensive knowledge of government
related issues.  I want you hackers to know that I support free speech and
freedom of information, and will help in any way possible to further your
cause.  I could do it too, you know.  The vice president doesn't just sit
around all the time like people think he does.  I AM AL GORE!  Al Muthafuckin'
Gore, and I am on your BBS.  I hope you realize the significance of this, and
will act accordingly.

Al Gore

     You need my lovin', you need my huggin', baby, and you need my years of
pointless experience editing text files to an anal 't.'  Oh yeah.  Nothing can
work ProTERM on an Apple II like my gentle caress.  The Global Domination
Factory Direct Outlet list isn't updated for this release 'cause I don't have
time.  There will be a October release though and I'll get to it by then.  I'll
always be here for you, you know that.  Currently, the best ftp and gopher site
for cDc files on the Internet is ftp.eff.org in pub/publications/CuD/cdc.  Just
like that... it's so simple, it's beautiful.  The mirror sites aren't really
all that mirrored as far as getting the newer stuff.  But you know, when I'm
sitting here all alone in my room on the beanbag on the floor and my Jesus
candle's throwing its flickers on the wall, all I can do is think about you and
how your eyes would glow in the candlelight.  I just want to hold you close and
make you understand that Lady Carolin is working on her commercial site which
will have all the latest cDc releases as soon as they come out, lickety-split. 
She's just a friend... you're the one that makes me complete.  Come here, come
closer.  Let me whisper in your ear.  Drunkfux will be making an announcement
on this year's HoHoCon soon.  I can't talk any more, it's too much.

     Hold me.

S. Ratte'
cDc/Editor and P|-|Ear13zz |_3@DeRrr
"We're into t-files for the groupies and money."
Middle finger for all.

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