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CULT OF THE DEAD COW (cDc) is thrilled to deliver on this day two major
announcements of good fortune.  Our society has grown by three worthy new
converts.  We are also generously releasing ten new articles to the public,
bringing our serial total to 320 in number.

Our organization eschews traditional print-bound media for the electronic
distribution of our writings which we pioneered some ten years ago.  This mix
of fiction and information is made available, free of charge, to all inter-
ested persons and will be profiled in detail later in this communique'.

The hardy new followers of our mystic path have strong backs, quick minds, and
loyal hearts.  Joining our armed struggle is not to be taken lightly.  They,
like all cDc members, have sworn to live by the tenets and protect the secrets
of our ancient Gnostic cabal.  The only punishment for failure is death!
Those who would cross the cloven-hoofed path of Hathor should fear for their
very souls, as retribution is surely swift when She manifests as the awesome
power of DemonSeed Elite!

But I digress.  What follows is a short biographical sketch of the newest
initiates to the CULT OF THE DEAD COW: Mudge, OXblood Ruffin, and Tweety Fish.
Their real names cannot be made public, as doing so would place them in great

Mudge was separated from his parents on a camping trip as a toddler.  Lost and
alone in the wilds of New Mexico, he was found by a female coyote and raised
as her own pup.  For six years he lived on berries, jackrabbits, and the
occasional stolen chicken which he hunted with his canine companions.  At the
age of ten, a married couple (both physicists employed at the Atomic Energy
Commission's laboratories in Los Alamos) discovered his inhuman plight and
adopted him.  It was under their strict home schooling that he discovered the
world of computers... and military networks.  Today he is one of the world's
top hackers and can still do a piercing coyote howl.

OXblood Ruffin has roots as a farm boy in Canada.  Bored with plowing, he soon
found his role in the air as a hot-shot cropduster pilot.  His passion for
excitement led him to seek an RCAF assignment, but his unfortunate clubfoot
held him back.  Undeterred, he found employment flying guns and refugees in
the skies over war-torn Laos and Cambodia until 1975.  Returning to his native
Regina, he discovered the battlefield of politics to his liking and began a
string of unsuccessful bids for office.  He has since given up his own
political aspirations for the time being but serves as a speech writer for
several major Canadian political figures.

Tweety Fish saw the world as a young classical pianist prodigy.  His masterful
interpretations were a delight to all who heard them.  Why, then, did he
choose to throw his budding career away by performing "Chopsticks" to an
audience including the English royal family?  Only Tweety Fish can answer for
sure, but he returned home to Massachusetts and now refuses to so much as
touch a piano keyboard.  He has since immersed himself in the study of
commercial art and sociology.  Iconography is a powerful weapon in the hands
of those who would twist it for their own whims.  No one understands this
better than Mr. Fish, who designs children's cereal boxes by day and performs
nefarious cDc experiments by night.  Swine must be led to their trough.
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311: "If Six Was Nine" by OXblood Ruffin.  True portrayal of a tragic youth.

312: "Chick Comix" by Craig Becker.  Explore the strange world of Jack Chick
and his comic creations.  He hates Catholics, booze, and stews about Jews!

313: "My Night Out" by Obscure Images.  The artist recounts his experiences at
a gallery opening.  Includes performance art with a wax dildo.

314: "Gravity" by James Cazamias.  A tale of occupational hazards and
equilibrium.  It's funny, read it.  Duh.

315: "Like Father, Like..." by Krass Katt.  Disturbing, hard-hitting short 
story.  Not for the squeamish.

316: "My Bug-Pal" by Nik.  There's this roach, see?  And it crawls out of this
guy's butt, see?  Hilarity ensues.  Haw haw, Master Richie.  Good show.

317: "Memory of Timothy Leary" by Weasel Boy.  Account of WBoy's meeting with
Dr. Leary and the important things they importantly discussed.

318: "Streets of Beijing" by Morrisa Sherman.  Real-life drama in the failed
student revolution.

319: "Zen of Skateboarding, Part 2: Revelation" by Thoai Tran.  This series
may be easier to relate to than motorcycle maintenance.

320: "TEMPEST in a Teapot" by Grady Ward.  Technical feature on preventing a
computer's electrical interference from being monitored by someone else.

                            Reading is FUNdamental!

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