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  (' ')  January 1st, 1997
Est. 1984
                                                        FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


cDc communications is tittering with joy on the birth of this shiny new year
to make two announcements.  We are the proud parents of ten bouncing new
articles in the continuing saga of the CULT OF THE DEAD COW publication.
These feisty little rugrats will put a smile on the face and a Brussels
sprout in the stomach with their hearty blend of entertainment and
information.  We also can now make public our "Good Times" virus hoax.

The Good Times meme was launched by cDc to prove the gullibility of
self-proclaimed "experts" on the Internet.

Any chickenhead would see through the Good Times virus message as the merest
wisp of smoke that it is, while the so-called experts ran around in circles,
beside themselves in self-induced panic.

Therefore, CULT OF THE DEAD COW claims FULL responsibility for the waves of
nausea and unrest that have spread from AOL to CompuServe to Prodigy by the
actions of egotistical 'experts' who roam the Information Superhighway like
squeegee men, seeking to wring a buck or two from the poor souls they
confront at every intersection and stoplight on the infobahn.

We have far worse to unleash upon you, should you insist upon pontificating
and spreading obvious falsehoods.

Heed well the motto of the Hell's Angels: "Those who know, don't tell.  Those
who tell, don't know."

We'd also like to take this opportunity to quell a nasty rumor: cDc has NOT
been bought-out over the past few months to ANYONE.  cDc, as always is 100%
independently owned and operated and has no outside sponsors.  Viacom and
Ziff-Davis, puh-leeze.

Coming soon: cDc presents AUDIO on the Internet via Tarkin Darklighter's
Shockwave site.  New releases from Weasel-MX, Gravelheaver, Tha Gates,
Superior Products, Grey Man, and Crucified Goat are on the way.
Also, The cDc Media List version 3 from Omega... something fresh for the
spring '97 fashion season.

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  deal with it           NEW RELEASES FOR JANUARY, 1997:         deal with it

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321:"Nineteen Seventy-Seven" by OXblood Ruffin.  It was a good year...
     Star Wars, The Sex Pistols, the Apple II, and the Death of Elvis.
     And you thought they weren't connected?

322:"Pariah '67" by Matt Brown.  It's like _The Wonder Years_ with real
     blood.  Like Diet Coke with real sugar.  Who would've thought Paul would
     grow up to drum for Marilyn Manson?  Gosh.

323:"CYBERsitter" by Peacefire.  Overprotective parents are being led down
     the primrose path to potential pathos.  This is an important press
     release from the Peacefire organization concerning their efforts against
     the makers of the CYBERsitter Internet filtering software.

324:"Painted Stranger" by Weasel Boy.  Creepy-as-hell goth fiction.  People
     with monochromatic wardrobes and Victorian affectations, incest, tragic
     young death, The Beast.  You know the drill.  Hup hup!

325:"Zen of Skateboarding, Part 3: Flowing Stream" by Thoai Tran.  Skate and
     destroy.  Death to false skating.  The search for beauty and truth

326:"The Great Southern Fire God" by John Crow.  Everything would be great
     if it weren't for those DAMN YANKEES (nevermind The Nuge, this is
     _serious bidness_).  Will the assembly please rise and join with me in
     singing "Sweet Home Alabama."

327:"Vulnerabilities in the S/KEY One-Time Password System" by Mudge.
     All that and a bucket of chicken wings.

328:"Pantslessness" by Mark Buda.  I don't know about you, but every time I
     go outside without pants, the squirrels poke at my BARE-NAKED POSTERIOR
     with twigs.  They ain't got covered rumps neither.  Freaks!

329:"Quadro-Pounder" by Drunkfux.  He wants lots of meat.  Huh-huh.

330:"Happyland Cell Block 90210" by G. Allen Perry.
    "Where am I?"
    "You're in a cheap run-down teenage jail, that's where."
    "Oh my God!"                                            -The Runaways

                            Reading is FUNdamental!

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Thanks to the following items of influence this time around:
 MUSIC: Marvin Gaye, Godflesh, Rolling Stones, Wu-Tang Clan, WAR
  FOOD: continuance of the 99 cent Whopper at Burger King for sustenance
 PRINT: James Brown autobiography, Urb, Ego Trip, Might, school books
  BUGS: damn roaches on my floor

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