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  (' ')  September 1st, 1997
Est. 1984
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CULT OF THE DEAD COW (cDc) regrets the delay in releasing our glorious Global 
Domination Update. What with George Clooney hopping onto Princess Diana's
coffin to settle old scores with the tabloids, it's been hell trying to get a 
word in edgewise. But we bear our burdens and move on. And so it is -- after
much grieving and maudlin songs -- that the CULT OF THE DEAD COW releases two
file packs of five files each, anoints one new member and expands on our
work with the Hong Kong Blondes.  

As our young people skip off to school, lunch pails bursting with wholesome 
treats and whistling their favorite video bits, we at the CULT OF THE DEAD COW 
DISTANCE LEARNING CENTER have labored long and hard to shine a light in the 
darkness -- sort of like high-beams along the information superhighway.
Our crack team of learning experts have put together a wack packet of 
mind expanding mayhem in the hope that it will be the one thing that keeps our 
youth from purchasing firearms, or seeking employment in Redmond. 

We take special pride in announcing a new member to our ranks who goes by the 
name, SirDystic. He is rumored to be the child of Seymour Cray and an unknown 
showgirl. We found him living in a dumpster with a Palm Pilot, a case of 
Astroglide and his latest text file. Remember the Internet worm? Imagine the
same thing, only _bigger_. An automated, systemic infection of the Internet --
all made possible because of the success of Bill Gates' dream of a computer in
every home, running Windows. With a little work and SirDystic's file, this is
just one possibility.

It was a long hot summer for the HERD. The heat off the flashpacks and klieg 
lights at DefCon and H.O.P.E. were trying, but they come with the territory. 
Grandmaster Ratte's breakthrough performance at DefCon was the talk of Las 
Vegas, as was Microsoft's idle promise to give cDc Hacker Laureate Mudge the 
keys to the kingdom. Kaiser Wilhelm's star braun-nosers, Karan Khanna (head of 
NT Marketing) and Paul Leech (one of the main developers and author of the 
CIFS specification) promised Mudge a subscription to DevNet for a year and a 
link to the L0pht's site from Microsoft's Web page. Waiting - still waiting.

And of the many happy memories at H.O.P.E., the CULT OF THE DEAD COW'S 
official announcement of our strategic alliance with the Hong Kong Blondes was 
received to deafening applause. The Hong Kong Blondes are a group of computer 
scientists and human rights activists who have taken the revolution on-line. 
They are active in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. And you can bet you'll be 
hearing a lot more about the real meaning of payback if the government of 
geriatric kleptocrats don't keep their word on social reform. Check the new 
cDc homepage (www.cultdeadcow.com) for future announcements. And support human 
rights in China -- the cDc does.

Oh, one last morsel. The CULT OF THE DEAD COW has been requested by the 
Electronic Frontier Foundation to take over the EFF's ftp archives. The circle 
is now complete. The group that for so long has contributed to the computer 
underground will soon become the official custodian of its content. (Look for 
a full announcement soon.) And you thought we didn't have a plan. Damn, we're 

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  deal with it          NEW RELEASES FOR SEPTEMBER, 1997:        deal with it

 ________________________________/text files\________________________________

331:"Angry Sun" by Franken Gibe.  It's sundown on satori. If you like 
sand up your ass or you're just plain photophobic, this one's for you.

332:"Don't Talk to Cops" by Robert W. Zeuner.  Mom says never to talk 
to strangers and Bessie says "Don't talk to the Man". Find out why.

333:"BELLK0RE Exposed!" by Oderus Urungus.  This d00d smells somethin' 
bad. And with a name like his, y'all know he's onto da shit.

334:"Making a Mess at 7-11" by Snarfblat.  Bored? Stupid? No girlfriend?
Practice making a mess so you'll have it all mastered for your first 
basement apartment.

335:"Milk and Blood" by Lady Carolin.  If the pasture's a-rockin, don't
come a-knockin'. Notes from a damp commando.


336:"I'd Rather be Dead than Live in California" by Oxblood Ruffin.  The
land of sunshine sucks more than your favorite hustler. Read and learn.

337:"Reid Fleming: Lady Killer" by Reid Fleming.  What do you do with a chick 
whose twat looks like a three ring binder? Find out from the cDc's own man of 

338:"Who's Gonna Get Screwed Today? NetBIOS Attacks over TCP" by SirDystic.
Our latest member turns Bill Gates into his personal prison bitch. Bend over,
big boy. This will only hurt you in the wallet.

339:"Political Rant #1" by The Nightstalker.  If he needs your opinion he'll 
give it to you. But you have to learn the Macarena all by yourself.

340:"Hacking PC/Payroll for Windows" by Tarkin Darklighter.  Why buy lotto
tickets when you can hack all the cash you need? Remember kidZz - this
file's just for educational purposes. 

                            Reading is FUNdamental!

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Thanks to the following items of influence this time around:
 WAREZ: BeOS - the cDc's official operating system - and Dem0nseed ELITE
 MUSIC: The Meters, DJ COLDCUT, Kid Koala (remember - you heard about the
        Kid here first.)
  FOOD: The Quadropounder
 PRINT: Chuck Yeager autobiography, anything by Harold Innis
  BUGS: Any two girlies from Montreal 

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Grandmaster Ratte'
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By Oxblood Ruffin, Reid Fleming, Omega & GRatte'.
Copyright (c) 1997 cDc communications.