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All right, ya punks. Here are five new files, so stop carding the shit 
out of your mom's favorite porn server and start reading. 

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341:"R.I.P." by Poppy Z. Brite. Last Tango in Lawrence? Our intrepid 
writer burrows into William on the night of his demise. And you thought 
he was just the guy from the Nike commercials.

342:"Wuss Vandals Get Hassled by the Man" by Rev. Anna Truwe. It's a 
Martha Stewart moment. Just when you think the rock's under wraps, along 
comes the Man. Dang.

343:"Some Form of Success" by Weaselboy. Stone walls do not a prison 
make. Free your mind, grab a boot disk and always wear a condom. And you 
thought Tony Robbins had all the rad insights. 

344:"Wackers: The Secret Life of a 'Fantasy Maker'" by Isis. Sexual politics
goes head to head with hand to gland combat. Read this gripping account of
one girlie's search for real meaning in her nine to five. 

345:"A Day Off for DrunkFux" by DrunkFux. Help me Rhonda. The kids have 
gone buck wild and they're marching for Jesus. Anyone wanna try to one-up 
this baby?

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WAREZ: BeOS - It's cDc approved and guaranteed to get you all the 
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       Phillip Glass' _Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters_
RERUNS: Kids in the Hall 
BEVERAGES: Cafe Americano, ice cold Creemore 
INTERSECTION: St. Denis + Ontario (Montreal) 
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