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Busy, busy, busy.  The file-packs took a back-seat for a bit during the
holiday season and the mad dash to an undisclosed location in the French
Quarter for HoHoCon '97!  Unfortunately, this time it was invite-only.
Thanks to everyone who attended for making it the best HoHoCon yet!

Here's a coupla files.  Practice your phonics.

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346:"The Man With The Creosote Grin" by Oxblood Ruffin.

347:"SPANK MY MONKEY" by Lady Carolin.

348:"When Cults Collide" by The Nightstalker.

349:"High School Reunion: The Nardcore Adventures of Reid Fleming"
     by Reid Fleming.

350:"Where Have My Heroes Gone?" by KSM.

                 File submissions: editor@cultdeadcow.com

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Thanks to the following items of influence this time around:
PRINT: _Apocalypse WOW_ by James Finn Garner
MUSIC: Weasel MX
RERUNS: Hogan's Heroes and The Six Million Dollar Man
BEVERAGES: Coca Cola straight-up.

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