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                ~\   /~     .'__(>@<)    CULT OF THE DEAD COW
                =(' ')=    /.'   /|\     wishes you and yours
                 /(U)\     ||     ||              a
                ((   ))    ||oO0oO||     JOLLY EASTER and
               {/\) (/\    |-=-=-=-|       FESTIVE PASSOVER!!!!!!!!!1
              __\     /__  \=-=-=-=/
         jgs (____/^\____)  '=-=-='
         Easter/Passover Global Domination Special - March 31st, 2002
         Introducing "Sp0rki3"(TM), the Hasidic Cow-Bunny!

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       (U)                                                            (U)
deal with it       presents unto you our personal gift of love   deal with it
S U C K E R                       NEW RELEASES                    S U C K E R

 __________________________________/new audio\_______________________________

               "We make hardcore jams, so fuck respect..." -Eazy E

251:"I'm Just A Playa" by CULT OF THE DEAD COW.  Full-length west-coast style
     hip-hop jam with R&B chorus.  As performed at 2600's HOPE 2K in NYC.

252:"Space Control" by Tweety Fish.  An epic torch song of the future.
     Diva vocals provided by k8e. 

253:"Bow Down" by CULT OF THE DEAD COW.  Lettin' the hataz know which ass
     they need to be kissin'.  As performed at 2600's HOPE2K in NYC.

254:"Sometimes Less" by Kids With Guns.  Rockin' Texass punk rock.

 _________________________________/ - x X x - \______________________________

From:  Brendon

The CDC HELPING the government!!!!????  In all my years of reading and
enjoying your zine I never once thought that you would follow in the steps of
every other coprate hack on the net.  You have truely lost what made this the
best and most exclusive e-zine in the history of computers.  For years I never
sent you anything or tried to join your organization because I felt I was not
worthy of such a thing, but now I would be ashamed to call myself a member of
the once great CDC.

[to which G. Ratte' responds:]

What, you need to get smacked in the face with an obvious punchline?
Read between the lines, kid.

   _______________________________/new text files\_____________________________

378:"Time To Go To Bed" by TeaBag.  Nice little piece about forgetting what
     makes you human.

379:"redbox.c" by Javaman.  Jacking and shooting for eternal life in quarter
     tones.  Read the last line, Javaman knows what's up.

380:"You Are Loved" by Percival Keyton.  Give yourself fully to DemonSeed
     Elite for your grand reward.  In the afterlife.  Next week.

381:"Pr0n Addiction" by Chris.  It's very tragic.  Oh yes.

 _________________________________/ - x X x - \______________________________

Subject: thanks
From: Aiko

my life is so fucked up,i get depressed all the time since i'm sick and
tired of everything. Nobody really understands what the heck i'm going
through my life but cDc sites really encourages me to move on somehow. I know
it my sounds real awkward and weird but it's true. People ane the whole
society are full of craps and they are all fucked up.

[to which G. Ratte' responds:]

Yes, people are full of craps.  They just can't get enough craps playing!
I suggest you get a set of dice, practice daily on the corner, and you
too can clean up playing craps!  Seriously; thanks, keep ya head up.

 _________________________________/new visuals\______________________________

4:"Perfect Paranoia" by thenetworkgod.  What you see is what you believe,
   so don't.  [hint: not a chick]
5:"Evil Lookin' Skulls" by Sir Dystic.  Yep, they're scary alright.

6:"BMW" by unknown.  cDc is always understated and elegant.

7:"Jesus On Patrol" by Myles Long.  Our gnostic cult knows the time...

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Thanx to the following recent items of fascination:

         FOOD: BBQ ribs, candied yams, collards, and banana pudding
        MUSIC: Brandy, The Faint, N.E.R.D., UGK
        PRINT: Murder Dog magazine, _The Holographic Universe_ by Talbot
        WAREZ: thinking about Cubase SX (not out yet!!), Mac OS X
      JEWELRY: iced-out belt buckles
RELATIONSHIPS: unconditional love, Britney & Justin

Fools better recognize: CULT OF THE DEAD COW is a gift to the women of this
world and trademark of cDc communications.  Established in 1984, cDc is the
longest-running crew in the telecom underground worldwide, inventor of
the "e-zine," and completely independent.  Every issue is produced on an
Apple ][ for genuine tru-skool flavor.  You thirst for our body of work, you
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We will have more to say.