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 [ x x ] Global Domination Update #30
  \   / "A Special Message of Hope"
  (' ')  July 7th, 2004
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* It's cDc's 20th anniversary.  We rule, just ask us.
* Thus, we are hosting a very high-powered panel at 2600 Magazine's HOPE
  conference in NYC on Saturday, July 10th at 6 pm.

"CULT OF THE DEAD COW Hacktivism Panel
Eric Grimm, Sharon Hom, Dr. James Mulvenon, Oxblood Ruffin, Nart Villeneuve

Over 40 years ago Marshall McLuhan declared that the Third World War would be
an information war in which civilians and the military wouldn't be particu-
larly distinguished.  That vision has become a reality.  Governments from
China to Zimbabwe have strangled access to information critical of their
regimes, often with the aid of American companies.  And as quickly, resistance
has sprung up to challenge that repression.  Areas of opportunity are
beginning to emerge as hackers, human rights activists, and the academic
community begin to join forces.  This panel will explore the phenomenon of
state-sponsored censorship and grassroots resistance from the political,
legal, technological, and human rights perspectives."

* We have new stuff out that you should leech.

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All hell's a poppin'.  Bill Clinton has released his magnum door stopper.
Dubya's learning to read.  It's a great day for literacy.  Michael Moore is
promoting Fahrenheit 9/11, his meditation on Presidential facial tics.  And
not to be outdone, Al Quaeda lensmen are doing boffo in the blood and guts
department.  Kind of like a low budget Mel Gibson film, but we digress.  The
Washington press corps couldn't be more outraged.  OUTRAGED we say.

Normally the fourth estate is too busy reprinting Whitehouse bumf to notice
reality.  But hark, there's a stench of glory in the air.  We're in an
election year.  Yay!  Rock the vote.  Free drinks.  Ugly t-shirts.  Kiss my
blog.  The right wants Tubby Moore's guts for lunch, and the left wants to
light Ann Coulter's thong on fire.  It's mourning in America, and Ronnie's all
gone.  Sniff.  But who gives a stinking brownie?


Now is the time to reflect on the things that truly matter.  Like world peace,
human rights, and kissing our Big Cow Ass.

We were hacking .mil networks when you were skipping to school with jam on
your face.  Pron.  We invented the word.  BO2K.  Can anyone say Magic Lantern?
Publishing.  cDc is the first e-zine ever, and free on the Internet since
1993.  Hacktivism.  We invented that word too, noun and verb.  We go where we
want.  We say what needs to be said.  We do what needs to be done.  And if
anyone has a problem with that, refer to paragraph four.

We've been doing our best to keep free speech alive and kicking.  From day one
the cDc has been stretching the limits of the 1st Amendment.  And when
Internet censors have erected firewalls around entire nations, our pals at
Hacktivismo have done their bit to move more information around.  Not that
keeping the Internet free is an easy task.  When you've got companies like
Cisco and Websense exporting censorship from America, it kind of makes you
wonder who the bad guys are.  Whatever.  Fuck 'em.

It's been twenty glorious years.  We've won a few, lost a few.  But through it
all we've stayed on course.  We'll outlast any and all comers, laughing at
dotcom pretenders, and making prank calls to the Offal Office.  Fear us,
we're embedded.  And check out our new stuff.  Certified to change your life
and make you employee of the month.

This batch of text articles features the greatest German krew of all, The
White Rose.  In this time of turmoil - with elections and bombs and a lazy ass
press - it's nice to look back to a group that made a difference.  The White
Rose were German students who led a passive resistance movement against
Hitler.  They lasted eighteen months before they were caught and guillotined.
We thought you'd like to learn about these heroes and read the six pamphlets
they published.  Holler.

And last but not least, if all of this political business bores the balls off
you, there's always Paris in springtime.  Or preferably fall.  Write in Miss
Paris Hilton for President this November if the current crop of boners isn't
to your taste.  She may lack experience, but anyone who can take a phone call
and hump at the same time deserves a second look.  Effective leadership is all
about multitasking.  Run, Paris, run!

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S U C K E R                       NEW RELEASES                    S U C K E R

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382:"Neophyte's Guide To Peepshow Booths" by Delchi.  (Or: How To Be A
     Deviant Perv, Old-Skool Style!)

383:"Lineage and Development of the Modern Chopsticks Wrapper" by DilDog.
     A fascinating exposition.

384:"Hacktivism, From Here To There" by Oxblood Ruffin.  The baudfather
     recounts the birth and beginnings of hacktivism.  Delivered at a
     hacktivism workshop at Yale University Law School, and now available to
     you punks.

385:"Black Collectors Of White Memorabilia" by Dark Sorcerer.  Race matters,
     to Cornel West and everyone else with a brain.  An examination of
     culture, identity, and disturbing memorabilia.  What's in your

386:"By Any Other Name: An Introduction To The White Rose" by Oxblood Ruffin.

387-392:"Leaflet I-VI" by The White Rose.

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Sexy Conservative Alert: Ann Coulter's slammin' Eva Braun impersonation on the
Capitol steps -

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               "We make hardcore jams, so fuck respect..." -Eazy E

255:"Evil Clown" by funnyman Hugh Gallagher.  Kooky west-coast pfunk style
     hiphop, with a nice moral for the kidz.

256:"Dead Cow Kicks Ass" by CULT OF THE DEAD COW.  As performed live at 2600
     Magazine's HOPE 2000 conference in New York City.

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8:"The Splendor Of Future-World cDc For You!!" by Myles Long.

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_Saugus to the Sea_ by cDc member Bill Brown, Smart Cookie Publishing.  "When
  Billy discovers a network of antique underground sprinklers in the town of
  California City he is plunged in a world where nothing is what it seems.
  Soon Billy is investigating the missing Saugus to the Sea road, the shady
  goings-on at the Caltech Earthquake Hotline and a mysterious cabal of Arbor
  Day anarchists intent on turning Hollywood Boulevard into a forest

Cool Beans Magazine, Issue #15 from Cultee Matt Kelly.  "Truck Truck Truckin
  edition, details his experiences learning how to drive a big rig.  Kelly
  touches on trucker culture, truck stops, Wisconsin, Waffle House, and CB

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