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  \   /  Join the K-C0W PHORCE
  (' ')  May 1st, 1994
Est. 1984


Join the K-C0W PHORCE and run an Official cDc Global Domination Factory Direct
Outlet!  Be a cheerleader for The cDc Way and get the files out!  There is
nothing more noble you can do as a sysop than running a Factory Direct Outlet
(that doesn't involve crippled children.)!  So jump on it and let's go!

What it is: K-C0W PHORCE is the group of sysops who run cDc Outlet boards.
It's not the same as cDc communications.  cDc wants to make our files as widely
available as possible, so we started the Factory Direct Outlet (FDO) thing.

What FDO sysops should do: Make the cDc files available, old and new.  Past
t-files are packed into ZIP archives in groups of 25, which currently range
from CDCV01.ZIP - CDCV10.ZIP (#1-250).  New releases come in ZIP archives with
filenames like CDCx_94.ZIP, where "x" indicates the # of the release for the
year.  For example, CDC494.ZIP would be the 4th release of 1994.  All the files
need to be in a no-u/d-ratio directory for users to grab.  It would probably be
good if you had the 25-file-ZIP-packs online instead of just individual files
for less hassle when downloading.

How to get the releases: The ZIP archives of old and new releases will be on
The Polka AE (806/794-4362, Entry:KILL) in Volume 2 first.  Someone in cDc may
upload new releases to your board, but don't count on it.  That's why sysops
should call The Polka AE once a month to check for new releases and download
the ZIP packs containing all the new files.  The Polka AE is an easy and
hassle-free system, so calls should not take long.

Or, if you've got access to the Internet, you can get the files by FTP from  This would be cheaper and faster, especially for non-US

What do sysops get out of it?: First off, you'll get the satisfaction of
providing free information to people who want it.  You also get a full-screen
ASCII BBS ad in all future cDc ZIP release packs which will go all over the
place.  There's a message base on Demon Roach Underground BBS for FDO sysops

How do you get involved?: Are you running a full-time, reliable board?  Can you
set up a no-u/d-ratio file transfer area?  Good deal.  Call The Polka AE or
send Internet mail to S. Ratte and upload your full-screen ASCII BBS ad.  No
cow heads or over-the-top cDc hype in the ad, please; leave that to the cDc
boards.  A line about "cDc Global Domination Factory Direct Outlet - it's got
'em all"  would be good, it's up to you.  Either in the ad itself or in a
separate note, make sure to give your sysop handle for keeping-organized
purposes.  NOTE: This is not the same as running a cDc board.  To avoid
confusion, make sure you don't just say "cDc comm." in your ads on on the
board... or when signing your handle or anything like that.  Like it says
above, stick with the "Global Domination Factory Direct Outlet" and everybody
will be happy.

That's it!  From then on it's up to you, The Responsible Sysop, to keep up with
new cDc releases and their propagation in your area.  Spread the word, get
everyone involved, and let's go go go!

S. Ratte'
cDc/Editor and PhEar13zz L3@DeRrr