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LUBBOCK, TX., June 4 — Today CULT OF THE DEAD COW (cDc), the world’s most 
attractive hacker group, announced the release of behind-the-scenes footage
from inside the Suite of the Elite covering the last-minute preparations 
for the Back Orifice 2000 (BO2K) software launch at Def Con 7, 1999.  It 
hardly seems like twenty years since the cDc changed the world.

"I would have preferred more cockfighting but the old footage is still pretty
cool," said cDc bandersnatch, Krass Katt.  "Everyone seems so young and 
lifelike.  It was also fun seeing our old pals (who have since passed away) 
THE NIGHTSTALKER, a former CIA contractor, and Tequila Willy, who ran for 
president a few times before that Beto guy.  Plus it's kind of poetic we're
releasing this on the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre.  We 
really enjoyed being a pain in China's ass with BO2K."

The video footage made available on YouTube coincides with the release of 
Joseph Menn’s book, _Cult of the Dead Cow:  How The Original Hacking
Supergroup Might Just Save The World_.  Some literary critics are hailing the
book as the greatest literary work since _Infinite Jest_, or the poems of Rod


BO2K Presentation Behind-the-Scenes:  https://youtu.be/oHxNEvklKqE

_Cult of the Dead Cow: How The Original Hacking Supergroup Might Just Save 
The World_:  https://amzn.com/154176238X


Press Contact
Deth Vegetable
veggie at cultdeadcow dot com

Founded in Lubbock, Tx. the cDc publishing and hacktivist collective has no 
equals, except possibly Mr. T.  It has published the longest running e-zine on
the internet and invented hacktivism.  The cDc's members have contributed to 
hacker culture, information security, politics, and hacktivism in countless 
ways since 1984.  For more information please visit:  cultdeadcow.com.