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                           FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
   FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: sratte@mindvox.com
   We knew it would happen. We just didn't think we'd live long enough to
   see it.
                            WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT
   In his book _1984_, George Orwell predicted a dystopia: peopled by
   soulless, spiritless, powerless drones herded by a clique of absolute
   rulers. Their only concern was maintaining power at all costs.
   In the year 1984, Ronald Reagan is President. It is a "New Mo(u)rning
   in America."
   Texas, 1984... the heartland of America, the bastion of Patriotism and
   Old Time Religion. A small cabal of malcontents meet in secret.
   Typical profile? Fourteen years old. Junior high student. Punk rock.
   As Black Flag's "My War" plays in the background, these teenagers
   write about what they know with the best creative outlet they have:
   their computers. Apple IIs, Atari 800s, Texas Instruments 99/4As...
   funny little boxes sitting in bedrooms. But with a 300-baud modem and
   a willingness to screw Ma Bell, these little boxes can be made into a
   mouthpiece for the new world of bulletin boards and networks.
   They gather out of mutual friendship, boredom, and the desire to DO
   SOMETHING. They discover they can, so they don't stop. They invent the
   modern "e-zine" without knowing it. They discover their spirituality,
   and a cow skull sits on a green monochrome monitor. They form an
   alliance, dedicated to the overthrow of all that is Dumb and Boring in
   They realize that a bunch of punk kids from Lubbock have as much
   chance of that as Madonna becoming Pope, but that's OK. It's good
   enough to try.
   Thus was born the CULT OF THE DEAD COW, scourge of the Computer
   Underground, Bete Noir of high school computer teachers worldwide, and
   The Pivot of Evil for all who seek to blame the messenger, as well as
   their message.
   And today, twelve years later, cDc is known and feared by the media it
   seeks to subvert. Geraldo Rivera looks upon us with undisguised Fear
   and Loathing. NBC and the Canadian government place the blame for
   self-induced exothermic mutilations squarely upon our shoulders.
   Scientologists try to scare us from further attacks on their evil cult
   with idle threats of legal action and personal violence.
                           WE WILL NOT BE STOPPED
   Twelve years ago, no one outside of academia and the government knew
   about the ARPA-Net, the precursor to the Internet. But cDc was there.
   Today, the Internet is the Next Big Thing, and cDc is still there, our
   tentacles entwined into the very heart and soul of the Internet. cDc
   machines exist in darkest secrecy on the Net. Intruding. Assimilating.
   Our resources are bottomless, our reach unlimited.
   In 1984, CULT OF THE DEAD COW came into being to defend the computer
   underground from the forces of oppression and censorship. The baton of
   freedom was passed from the Black Panthers and Yippies of the '60s and
   '70s to the new generation exemplified by cDc. And we've been poking
   you in the eye with it ever since.
   Fools better recognize: CULT OF THE DEAD COW is the publishing
   division of cDc communications. Established in 1984, cDc is the
   largest and oldest organization of the telecommunications underground
   worldwide, and inventor of the "e-zine." You thirst for our body of
   work, you know you do. Find it at these fine locations, among others:
   World Wide Web: //www.l0pht.com/cdc.html
   FTP/Gopher: cascade.net in pub/cDc
   Usenet: alt.fan.cult-dead-cow
   BBS: 806/794-4362 Entry:KILL
   For further information, contact:
   Email: sratte@mindvox.com
   Postal: POB 53011, Lubbock, TX, 79453, USA
   By THE NIGHTSTALKER, OXblood Ruffin, and Swamp Ratte'.
   Copyright (c) 1996 cDc communications. All Rights Reserved.