LAS VEGAS, July 29 -- This weekend, Defcon VIII played host to another CULT OF
THE DEAD COW (cDc) live performance with a surprising twist - a minimum of 
technical announcements!  In a move calculated to disarm, the group choose to 
wait until the week after the convention to make their introductions.

"People wouldn't know what to think.  We didnt want to telegraph our moves too
much," croaked a sweaty Grandmaster Ratte shortly after the rousing show, 
losing his voice.

The infamous hacker clan began their highly-anticipated appearance with a
shock - a dry panel discussion - definitely a first in their many years of 
Defcon appearances.  That was before the Preemptive Gorilla Strike sent the 
whole event spiraling into pandemonium, when cDc member White Knight in an ape
suit leaped onto the stage and destroyed computers on the speaker table.

Said WK, "I think the whole panel-discussion thing worked on two levels.  We
had some background to give for those new to the scene, and it was a great 
set-up for my gorilla attack and made a definite statement."

Following the monkey madness, a solemn procession of the Ninja Strike Force
(cDc auxiliary) took the stage, along with a hooded executioner and G. Ratte
leading the way to an intensely bloody and erotic ten-minute close to the

"All that raw meat throwing, and then the human sacrifice to protect the new
web site - brilliant!" declared an enthused Myles Long.

cDc will launch a new web site ( this week which will
serve as a strong platform from which all other announcements will take place.
These will include major applications and will be released on a weekly basis 
with details to follow.