[From the Lubbock Bunker] _Forbes_ Magazine - Wall Street's preferred gas bag
manual - has bent over for the Department of Justice (DoJ) and cut a deal to 
hand over technology reporter Adam Penenberg to testify before a Federal
Grand Jury.  Penenberg has resigned his position with _Forbes_ as a result.

Penenberg wrote an article in 1998 detailing the exploits of Slut Puppy and
Master Pimp, who allegedly broke into the _New York Times_ Wweb site and
disabled it for nine hours.  And now the DoJ has persuaded _Forbes_ to bend 
over and pick up the soap in the shower so they can tunnel for more

_Forbes_ lead shyster, Tennyson Schad - who has an even funnier name than the
accused hackers - said that Penenberg was only being asked to confirm that
his article was accurate.  He would not be asked to give up his sources
because the DoJ has made a deal with _Forbes_ and they'd never, ever, break 
their word.  Honest.

You don't need to be a garbage man to know when something stinks.

Given the lesser level of Constitutional protections in a grand jury, the DoJ
could easily be setting Penenberg up.  If they scrap their deal with _Forbes_,
Penenberg could be forced to cough up his notes on the story, and the contents
of his bowels for that matter.  Penenberg says that he'll refuse to testify 
and has secured his own counsel, the son of William Rehnquist, former US Chief
Justice of the Supreme Court.  He feels strongly that testifying would ruin 
his career and impinge on his credibility as a journalist.

Good on you, Adam.

It's not hard to see where _Forbes_ is coming from.  Pimply hackers make news
magnates look like fools; business people wouldn't care about _Forbes_ playing
footsie with the DoJ because they were only screwing over a bunch of punks.  
The CULT OF THE DEAD COW wonders if _Forbes_ would take such a cavalier 
approach to journalistic integrity if Penenberg had been asked to hand over
notes about, say, Steve Forbes failed Presidential bid?  [You aren't 
suggesting hypocrisy here, surely? - Ed.]

The CULT OF THE DEAD COW applauds Adam Penenberg's stand to maintain his good
name and professional integrity.  Shame on _Forbes_.