"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or
 prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of
 speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to
 assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

                -- Amendment I to the Constitution of the United States


 [Dec 26, 1994]

 (Distribute Freely)

  dFx, Phrack Magazine and cDc - Cult Of The Dead Cow proudly present :

                             The Fifth Annual

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  666  666  66666666  666  666  66666666  66666666  66666666  6666 666
  66!  666  66!  666  66!  666  66!  666  !66       66!  666  66!6!666
  !6!  6!6  !6!  6!6  !6!  6!6  !6!  6!6  !6!       !6!  6!6  !6!!6!6!
  6!6!6!6!  6!6  !6!  6!6!6!6!  6!6  !6!  !6!       6!6  !6!  6!6 !!6!
  !!!6!!!!  !6!  !!!  !!!6!!!!  !6!  !!!  !!!       !6!  !!!  !6!  !!!
  !!:  !!!  !!:  !!!  !!:  !!!  !!:  !!!  :!!       !!:  !!!  !!:  !!!  
  :!:  !:!  :!:  !:!  :!:  !:!  :!:  !:!  :!:       :!:  !:!  :!:  !:!  
  ::   :::  ::::: ::  ::   :::  ::::: ::   ::: :::  ::::: ::   ::   ::  
   :   : :   : :  :    :   : :   : :  :    :: :: :   : :  :   ::    :

                       "WE KAN'T BE ST0PPED!$#%!!"

Who:   All Hackers, Journalists, Security Personnel, Federal Agents,
       Lawyers, Authors, Cypherpunks, Virtual Realists, Modem Geeks,
       Phone Nerds, Telco Employees, Phreaks, K0DE Warriors, WaReZ
       Mongers, Alien Visitors, Government Officials, Strippers, and
       Other Interested Parties.

Where:                       Ramada Inn South
                      1212 West Ben White Boulevard
                           Austin, Texas  78704
                              (800) 272-6232
                              (512) 447-0151

When:      Friday December 30, 1994 through Sunday January 1, 1995

Cost:                      Ten Dollars (US $10)

                             What is HoHoCon?

HoHoCon is the largest annual gathering of those in, related to, or
wishing to know more about the computer underground. Attendees generally
include some of the most notable members of the "hacking" and "telecom"
community, journalists, authors, security professionals, lawyers and a
host of others. Previous speakers include John Draper (Cap'n Crunch),
Lex Luthor (LoD), Luke Perry, Bruce Sterling, Damien Thorn (Nuts & Volts)
and Chris Goggans (Erik Bloodaxe of LoD, Phrack and Teen Beat). The
conference is open to the public and we encourage anyone who is
interested to attend.

                            Hotel Information

The Ramada Inn South is located at 1212 West Ben White Boulevard on the
corner of Ben White and Banister. The HoHoCon group room rate is $60 for
a single or double. Rooms for the handicapped are also available.
Check-in is 2:00 p.m. and check-out is 12:00 noon. Earlier check-in is
based on room availability. The hotel accepts American Express, Visa,
Master Card, Discover, Diner's Club and Carte Blanche credit cards.

As always, the hotel has set aside a block of rooms for the conference and
we recommend making your reservations as early as possible to guarantee a
room within the block, if not to just guarantee a room period. To make
your reservations, call the number listed above and tell them you are with
the HoHoCon conference. It is strongly suggested that you try to remember
to tell them you are with HoHoCon, not only in order to receive the group
rate, but also so you are placed in close proximity to the conference room
and other attendees. Personally, I never wish to relive our DefCon 2
experience where we clocked about 46 miles over the weekend walking to and
from the conference room.

[** Note ** : At this point, the Ramada Inn is renting rooms to only those
 people who mention they are with HoHoCon. Therefore, if you do not
 tell them you are with the conference, you won't get a room.]

Unfortunately, the hotel will not be providing airport transportation over
the New Year's weekend. Those of you who will be flying in will need to
take a 5 to 10 minute cab ride to the hotel.


For those of you who will be driving to the conference, plan your route so
you end up on I-35 in Austin. If you are coming from the south on I-35,
you will take the Ben White Exit and make a left on Ben White. The hotel
is about 1 1/2 miles down the road. If you are coming from the north, you
will take the Ben White exit and make a right. If you are coming from
Houston on either 71 or 290, all you have to remember is that both of
those become Ben White Boulevard. Just get on either one and drive until
you find the hotel.

Traveling from the FBI, SPA or in any type of Government issued vehicle :
Take 290 west to I-35 south to I-10 west. Follow I-10 through Texas, New
Mexico, Arizona and into California. In Los Angeles, exit 5 north and
travel through California and Oregon into Washington. Exit 12 east and
drive about 50 miles or so until you see the Mount ST. Helens National
Volcano Monument exit. Take that exit and make your way to the large
fiery entrance atop the mountain. The conference is on the lower level
inside the mountain.

Call the hotel if these directions aren't complete enough or if you need
additional information.

                            Conference Details

HoHoCon will last 3 days, with the actual conference being held on
Saturday, December 31 starting at 11:00 a.m. and continuing until 6:00 p.m.
The following is a proposed speaker and topic list for Saturday :

11:00 : Drunkfux

        Conference Introduction

11:30 : Jon Lebkowsky, FringeWare, Inc.  POB 49921, Austin, TX 78765

        The Commericialization of Cyberspace (Implications of the WWW)

        Inherent Difficulties in Activism and Political Organizing in a
        Somewhat Anarchistic Environment


Jon's second topic springboards from an article in the January 1995 issue
of OMNI magazine. The following is a selected piece of text from the
story that gives a brief overview :

"Jon Lebkowsky, co-editor of Fringe Ware Review, and a member of 
EFF-Austin seems to be an exception to the apolitical rule, calling the 
Clipper Chip battle "one of the most exciting debates I've plugged into
in years." But while heavyweight pundits like William Safire and The New 
Republic's Robert Wright have jumped eagerly into the debate supporting 
the inalienable rights of the cybercitizen, Lebkowsky doubts that many 
hackers share this passion for politics. Perpetually preoccupied with the 
technochallenge of the minute, many hackers seem to have little time or 
inclination for advocacy. Meanwhile, groups that might have complemented 
the EFF, such as EFF-Austin and This! [sic], have lost their initiative, 
direction, and leadership, Lebkowsky says. It is, perhaps, a problem 
inherent in an organization which champions a group leery of champions, 
as badly asthey might need one."

Jon is the editor and publisher of Fringe Ware Review and of Unshaved
Truths. He is the associate editor of bOING-bOING, a magazine for neozoids
with mutant sensibilities. He is a former book reviewer for Factsheet Five
and a writer for all of the above magazines, plus Mondo 2000, Whole Earth
Review, EFF Word, Matrix News, et al.

Jon is a founding member of EFF-Austin Board of Directors, active in
community-building online, ensuring access to revolutionary new
communications technologies, preserving civil liberties and individual
rights in new cultural contexts which are evolving with the development of
computer-mediated text and graphics based communications systemss. Chair
of EFF-Austin's Arts Posse.  Representative of EFF-Austin in negotiation
with similar grassroots organizations nationwide.

He is  the host or cohost (moderator, facilitator, fairwitness) of online
conferences on the Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link (WELL), a computer
conferencing system located in cyberspace (and, physically, in Sausalito,
California)... conferences include or have included Mondo 2000,
FringeWare, Whole Earth and bOING-bOING. Associate editor/administrator
for the WELL's Gopher server.

Jon's inevitable day job is a Systems Analyst for the Texas Department of
Human Services' WelNet system for eligibility determination. Includes
system development and technical support, as well as statewide
coordination with regional automation representatives. WelNet runs on
approximately 450 LANs networked through a Unisys mainframe. Currently
serving as a member of a team of analysts working on a statewide strategic
initiative to design a new system employing state of the art technologies.
Computer Security Officer for Client Self-support Services.

Jon also supplied the longest biography out of all the speakers.

12:30 : IMASTER aka "Internet Master"

        The continuing efforts of standards bodies such as the IETF
        (internet engineering task force) and the emerging standards of
        upcoming network security enhancements.

Imaster has been a network architect since the late 70's and has been
both a hacker & hacked during the last 10 years running 2000-9000 system
internet sites. Come and hear what you may need to know about what sites
are working on to better secure themselves.

1:15 : Doug Barnes / Jim McCoy / Jeremy Porter
       dab@tadpole.com / mccoy@io.com / jerry@fc.net

       Prometheus Project Update

An update on the progress and discoveries of the Prometheus Project, a
virtual think-tank of guerilla cryptographers, protocol hackers, and
digital rabble rousers who are currently implementing procedures and
protocols that were previously only theory and conjecture. Douglas Barnes
will give a brief background of cryptography, Jerry Porter will be giving
an overview of current electronic payment systems, and Jim McCoy will
present notes from an upcoming Primer on Underground Internetworking.

Douglas Barnes, Jim McCoy and Jeremy Porter were the co-founders of Austin
Cypherpunks, and have been active on the Internet and the cryptography
scene for several years. They work together as the "Prometheus Project."

Douglas Barnes is currently the systems manager of Tadpole Technology;
prior to that he was a co-founder and Chief Wizard of Illuminati

Jim McCoy is currently the technical guru of Illuminai Online, and
previously worked on Unix security for the University of Texas at Austin
and as the chief system administrator for the AI lab at Northwestern.

Jeremy Porter is the president of Freeside Communications and Turnkey
Internet Systems, and was formerly with Dell Computer.

2:15 : Intermission

3:00 : Luke Barrymore aka Deth Vegetable

       Leech A File, Go To Jail

Michael Elansky (aka Ionizer) was arrested on August 2nd 1993 as he
entered the Hartford superior Courthouse in Connecticut for a pretrial
hearing on unrelated charges. He was charged with "Inciting Injury to
Persons or Property", a felony and "Risk of Injury to a Minor".
He was rushed through his arraignment before his lawyer could arrive, and
was ordered held on a $500,000 bond (the average bail for a murderer in CT
is about $250,000). The case was 'sealed', but the charges against Elansky
were apparently for having Anarchist files available for download on his
BBS. The West Hartford, CT plice used a 14-year old boy who had access to
this BBS to download this file (this evidently constituted 'Risk of Injury
to a Minor' in their eyes).

Luke wrote the files that were found on his system, "Anarchy For Fun And
Profit". All of the information in those files was completely legal and
protected by the First Amendment. This material is publically available
almost everywhere, from textbooks to the Anarchist Cookbook.

4:00 : Damien Thorn

       Cellular Hacking : An Introduction for the Technical Investigator

       An Extensive Overview of Cellular Modification & Cellular Security

The keynote speech of the day comes from someone who is often referred to
as one of the experts in the field of cellular technology. Damien Thorn is
the founder and president of Phoenix Rising Communications and a writer
for Nuts & Volts magazine. He has published numerous handbooks on
cellular, computer and physical security. His current projects include a
comprehensive book and video on cellular modification. Damien's
presentation will cover all aspects of the cellular spectrum, from basic
beginner's information to the most recent technoligical advances in the
industry. He will previewing his video release and will take questions
from the audience.

5:30 : Stephen Ryan

       Recent Changes in Texas Computer Law : What Hackers Need to Know

       Legal Q&A

Stephen Ryan graduated from the University of Texas School of Law in 1980.
He held the office of Assitant Attorney General of Texas from 1985 to
1986. He current holds an Associate Attorney position at a major law firm
in Houston.

                               Table Space

Because of the mass confusion with the change in conference venue, we have
extended the time to reserve vendor's space to the day before the
conference. You may do so either via e-mail or in person at the hotel on


The cost of admission this year is US$10, which includes 2 tickets for
the super spiffy "Raffle From Hell" (extra tickets are available at the
door). It is no surprise that there will always be people out there who
will complain about paying for anything. You folks need not attend. After
five years (a few more actually), we are only asking ten dollars, which
is an outrageously low price compared to the suit infested industry
conferences which charge hundreds of dollars in registration fees and
even some of the new "Cons are k00l and trendy, I gotta do one too!"
conferences that are charging up to $50 for admission alone. Plus, we've
never made anyone sleep in a tent or eat next to a table of 36 Elvis
impersonators (although that was kind of cool, I guess).

                           Miscellaneous Notes

Video cameras will *NOT* be allowed inside the conference room, except
for the people who have received prior consent to film. Still photos 
are fine as each speaker will announce whether he or she minds them
being taken (although this didn't seem to stop the onslaught of flashes
when Lex Luthor approached the microphone).

The conference will start at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday. Keep this in mind
when pondering whether or not to down yet another bottle of Mad Dog 20/20
on Friday night.

Pre-registration for the conference is not necessary. The $10 admission
fee is due and payable at the door.

For those of you who haven't figured it out yet, HoHoCon falls on New
Year's Eve. Contrary to rumour, we will not be having a huge party in the
conference room on Saturday night. Instead, we will all head for 6th
Street, which is where 80% of Austin's nightclubs are located. The city of
Austin will also be blocking of 6th Street this year so that the expected
crowd of 20,000+ won't have to deal with avoiding automobiles. The
following is a list of happenings at Austin clubs on New Year's Eve taken
from the Austin Chronicle :

Club 311 : Joe Valentine & The Imperials
Antone's : Lou Anne Barton, Sue Foley, Teddy Morgan, Sevilles, Moellers
Austin Music Hall : Jimmy Vaughn
Austin Outhouse : Doghouse, Laughing Dogs
Babe's : Alan Hanes
Backroom : Contadicks, Mumble Skinny
Dave's Stateside : Litz Bomb, Psycho Magnets, Voodoo Piston
Bate's : Tim Wheeler & Soul Shufflers
Big Dave's : Doc Pointer Blues Band
Black Cat : Sunflower
Blue Flamingo : Inhalants, Speed Queen, Nothing Rhymes With Orange
Broken Spoke : Alvin Crow
Carousel : Jay Clark
Central Market : Heather Bennett
Charlie's Attic : Bad Barney & Blues Abuse
Chez Zee : Gail Hicks
Continental : Eight & A Half Souveneirs, Euripedes Pants, Naughty Ones
District Bar & Grill : Radio Thieves, Diablo Sol
Ego's : John Staton
ELectric Lounge : Jones, Horsies, Sincola, Stretford
Elephant Room : Julie Burrell
Emo's : Gay Sportscasters, Jesus Christ Superfly, Fuck Emo's
Flamingo : Tribal Nation, Killer Bees
Headliners's : Brian Robertson Band, Walter Higgs & Shuffle Piggs
Hole In The Wall : Wanna Bees, Two Hoots & A Holler
I.V.'s : Rusty Wier
Jazz Cula De Cafe : Jim Talbot
Liberty Lunch : Joe Ely
Lumberyard : Debonairs
Mother's Cfe : Charles Ditto
Oasis : Tongue In Groove
Pearl's : Lee Person
Ruta Muya : East Babylon Symphony
Saxon : Omar & The Howlers, Le Anne Atherton, Johnny Mac
Senior O Briens : Traditional Irish Jam
Steambot : Little Sister, Ging'bread Men, Top Of The Mark, Brew
Tropical Heat : The Buzzards

The Fourth annual New Year's Eve Bacchanalia, hosted by Luna
(luna@eden.com) will be taking place at the famous House of Bed. You may
obtain more information at http://www.eden.com/~luna/party.html. Everyone
is welcome.

There will be a rave at the Ohm Club on New Year's Eve as well.
Unfortunately, nobody has provided the address or phone number for the
club yet, so you may have to search through the Austin Chronicle.

HoHoCon shirts and videos from '92 & '93 (NARC, I Love Warez, I Love Feds,
Top 10 Narc List) will be available during the conference, along with last
year's big hit - I Love Cops shirts and hats ($20). The shirts are $15 and
the videos are $20. We have also added XXL for all you big folks. If you
are unable to attend the conference and wish to obtain any of these items,
you may either mail us for more information or send a check or money order
payable to O.I.S. to the address listed below. Include $3 per order (not
per item) for shipping. Canadian and overseas residents should mail first
for shipping prices and details. You may also mail us for a more detailed
description of any of the HoHoCon products.

One of the reasons the cost of admission has raised from $5 to $10 is that
the cost of securing a conference room on New Year's Eve is quite high,
but another factor is insurance. It is almost impossible to put on a
conference of this nature without running into problems, the biggest one
being the slew of young, idiotic, underdeveloped, social rejects who like
to play make believe and pretend they're Beavis & Butt-head while they
cause unnecessary damage to the hotel and annoy the guests and staff. This
is far from k-rad and is definitely not what HoHoCon is about. What you do
in your own room is your own business, but what you do anywhere else on
the hotel property all comes back to one person ... me. I have grown
extremely tired of trying to deal with hotel managers who threaten to
cancel the conference altogether because of a few, no life idiots who have
no idea how to act in a public setting since they never leave their
mommy's house. Holistic Hacker wrote a good editorial about this in Phrack
#45 that is suggested reading for anyone who thinks they are some type of
elite m0dem anarchist. It is you people that ruin everything for the other
500 attendees who actually have a grip on reality. Due to the behaviour of
a few braindead morons in the past, I have decided to hire my own security
this year who will only be in place in order to prevent stupid fleebs from
breaking anything or causing any type of damage or unnecessary disturbance
to the hotel. It is unfortunate that I have to do this, but I do not wish
to accept the financial burden of having to pay for other people's
stupidity and destruction. If you have a problem with this, stay home.

By attending the conference, you are consenting to being filmed and
photographed and having your ugly likeness used in any fashion I deem

Birkenstocks are strictly prohibited at HoHoCon. Anyone caught wearing
them will be severely beaten with a bat.


If anyone requires any additional information, needs to ask any questions,
wants to RSVP, wants to order anything, or would like to be added to the
mailing list to receive the HoHoCon updates, you may mail us at:

                        drunkfux@116585 (WWIV Net)

                          or via sluggo mail at:

                              ATTN: HoHoCon
                               1310 Tulane
                              Houston, Texas

Freeside Communications is the official HoHoCon FTP site. FTP to fc.net
and check out /pub/hohocon. You can also FTP to hoho.con.com, or if you
prefer, web to it or http://www.usis.com/~dfx.

Those of you without net access, can call the HoHoCon whirrled HQ BBS,
K0DE AB0DE/Metalland Southwest, at:

                       713.39-K0DES (713.395.0337)

We also have a VMB which includes all the conference information and is
probably the fastest way to get updated reports. The number is:


                            What They're Saying

"The manager quickly summoned the Austin police and had the hotel
 telephone operator print the phone bills for the two rooms, anticipating
 that the records would be necessary evidence for the Grand Jury
 indictment he was envisioning.  One of the boy's phone bills was eight
 pages long, but almost all of the calls were local.  The total amount
 owed to the hotel was less than three dollars, and the officers
 determined that the account being accessed was legitimately assigned to
 one of the teens. A big production had been made out of nothing, fueled
 by the fear of the 'evil hacker' stereotype."

 Damien Thorn : Nuts & Volts Magazine : March 1994


"At 1:00 a.m., everything was going great for me.  I was taking part in
 an impromptu mini 'cell-con' in one of the rooms at the Hilton and was
 learning everything I ever wanted to know about cellular modification.  I
 was especially excited to hear someone say that they would be showing us
 how to mod the new Mitsubishi phones since that is what I happened to
 have in my jacket pocket.  Unfortunately, about three seconds later,
 someone kicked open the door and spastically announced the fact that
 there were 10 underage strippers dancing naked in a room down the hall.
 Two seconds later, I was alone."

 Peter Beardsley : Independent Journal : January 4, 1994


"I knocked on the door and asked the guy who opened it if we could come in
 and say hi.  They said yes and I spent several hours in there.  We didn't
 talk about anything special but had a lot of fun watching Eight Ball
 stumble around the room drunk until he passed out."

 Netta Gilboa : Gray Areas Magazine : Spring 1994


"HoHoCon '93 was everything I had expected and much more.  I gained 5
 major items during my three day stay in Austin; a better knowledge of
 numerous security holes across the net, a really cool NARC t-shirt, two
 Traci Lords videos, and the understanding that the Austin police force
 are a bunch of computer illiterate bozos."

 White Shadow : CUF Review : January 1994


"People who know how to telecommunicate without calling undue attention to
 themselves show the interested what creative hacking is supposed to be
 about.  We watch people demonstrate the transformation of an OKI cellular
 phone into a two-way tracking scanner with a computer interface, discuss
 the 'passive' capture of private account passwords, and explore the
 mathematical theories that make possible completely anonymous digital
 money transactions.

 Few are better able to explain the pros and cons of advanced programming
 technology than rogue hackers.  They already have much of the information
 people like Barry Diller and Al Gore would have to steer millions into
 think tanks to discover.  The question is how to legitimize a collection
 of software pirates, hippie academics, and teenage 'phone phreaks' to the
 point where the mainstream would be willing to employ them as consultants
 instead of locking them up as criminals."

 Carol Cooper : VIBE Magazine : June 1994


"After this sellout session, I found a sign on the wall: "hoho.con.com ->"
 and, in room 260 someone piled up an enormous mass of equipment,
 including something like 4 UNIX machines, a SLIP connection, 20" screens,
 PET's.. Plus the room was stacked with 30-40 people, and I mean STACKED.
 Most people were wasting their time entering commands like "mget
 /warez/eleet/hot/0-day/*.*" Sick of that, I grabbed a bunch of people and
 we went trashing at SW-Bell around the block, and whoops! we found a
 diagram like this:

     (Europe)             (Asia)           (Australia)

                 ____:      :____
                :                :
                :   Texas   o <====== Austin
                 \             /
                  \           /

      (North America)           (South America)

 Now we know it: South Western Bell believes that Austin, Texas is the
 center of the world. Well, from the 17th to the 19th of December, 1993,
 it was."

 Onkel Dittmeyer : Phrack Magazine #45


"The hackers did it again.  A monster party, several hundred strong, where
 hacking was the agenda.  HoHoCon is the annual hacker's convention in
 Texas where all hell breaks loose.

 Not one person I spoke to said they wouldn't attend again next year.  So
 there must be something to it.  Even legendary phreaks like John Draper
 aka Captain Crunch were there, despite his tenuous hold on reality and
 emanating odor."

 Winn Schwartau : Security Insider Report : January 1994


"The night went on, the beer flowed, the dopamine inhibitors kicked in
 full in full force, and the money changed hands faster than could be
 counted. By the end of the evening, everyone had received several "table
 dances," KevinTX had whip marks on his back, Weevil had won my complete
 admiration, and the girls made a small fortune.  Each of the dancers
 walked away with over $200 in cash. The biggest winner was a really hot
 little 18 year-old named Cathy who raked in almost $400."

 Erik Bloodaxe : Phrack Magazine #45


 Tawk tawk tawking bout sum cyber stuff
 Like Demon Roach's new Monster Truck sub
 Matrix hoppin' we will go
 In search of the hex marshmallow
 Come now, come now, do not pace
 We're off to call cyberwaste
 The new beast known as demon seed
 Run over your head and make you bleed
 Decryption of the message I soon will start
 For I have the hex-ascii chart
 Fat, skanky dancers running all around
 Wonder how many STD's Dispater has now
 What made me sick was the one's hairy mole
 Did I mention that Omar looks like Cliff Stoll?
 Bruce taught me how to program in Unix and Hack C
 Omar had his picture taken with E.T.
 This is it.. I must go..
 I may finish later.. I don't know

 Drunkfux : Live From HoHoCon '91 : cDc 200


   _   _                                                          _   _
  ((___))                                                        ((___))
  [ x x ]     HoHoCon '94. New Year's Eve. Need we say more?     [ x x ]
   \   /                                                          \   /
   (' ')                                                          (' ')
    (U)                     drunkfux@usis.com                      (U)