[From the Lubbock Bunker] The CULT OF THE DEAD COW (cDc) will appear at the
Hackers on Planet Earth Two Thousand (H2K) conference in New York on 
Saturday, July 15th.

A rabid and adoring public will be treated to:

The unveiling of HACKTIVISMO, the sooper-elite R & D unit that will work on 
Hacktivism applications.

An erotically-charged announcement regarding Rain.Forest.Puppy's vuluptuous
Whisker app.

cDc has spared no expense to bring you NYC's finest theater company, the
Baobab Groove.  Other highlights include musical performances, ritual penguin
sacrifice, a wet underwear contest, balloon animals, and an exhibition of 
recent stool sculptures by our own Krass Katt.

So cum one and all, attend this mighty confabulation, mix with the hackers
you've only read about from the arthritic pen of Carolyn Meinel, and throw 
your sister's panties on-stage as the incredible cDc appears.

Space is limited so get your tickets now, or just take them from someone
smaller than you.

- Oxblood Ruffin, Prada-clad Foreign Minister