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[December 15, San Francisco] The CULT OF THE DEAD COW (cDc) and the Hong Kong
Blondes announce with regret that we will no longer be working together. The
original purpose of the union was to assist the Blondes in developing a lean 
mean hacking machine. That having been achieved - and with a wise eye to 
potential security breeches - we've decided to call it a job well done.

Although most of the hacking community never quite got what we were trying to
do together, we were heartened by the kind of generous support that came from
all of the right people. The members of the Hong Kong Blondes would like to 
thank everyone who cheered from the sidelines for their encouragement and
solidarity. And from our side, the CULT OF THE DEAD COW would like to express 
its admiration and support to the men and women of China who risk
incarceration, even death, working for rights that the rest of us too often
take for granted.

The Blondes intend to continue their work in spite of the blundering oversight 
of some of the worst systems administrators known to the international 
intelligence community, and the CULT OF THE DEAD COW will continue to assist
the Internet in remaining as accessible as possible to the largest number of 
people, lame attempts to the contrary notwithstanding. But in the meantime --

We would like to encourage everyone to take part in The Science and Human 
Rights Program of the American Association for the Advancement of Science's 
letter writing campaign regarding the trials of Lin Hai and Wang Youcai. Lin 
Hai was arrested in March after sending 30,000 Chinese email addresses to VIP
Reference, an Internet pro-democracy newsletter. Wang Youcai, was arrested 
last month on several charges, including trying to form an opposition party 
and using email to communicate its objectives with pro-democracy groups in the 
West. Please go to this url and make your voice heard: 


-- kindly follow the instructions.

The year of the Tiger was great, but wait till you see what happens next year.

For further details or lucrative film offers, please contact:

The Deth Vegetable
Minister of Propaganda


The CULT OF THE DEAD COW (cDc) is the most influential group of hackers in
the world. Formed in 1984, the cDc has done everything from publish the
longest running e-zine on the Internet to diddling military networks
around the globe. We could go on, but who's got the time. Journalists can
check out the Medialist link on our Web site for more background
information.  Cheerio.

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