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  (' ')  May 13th, 1996
Est. 1986

                                                          FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


                            PRAISE HER BLESSED NAME

Death is good.  Recent events in Great Britain only underscore the lack of true
understanding of the so-called Mad Cow imbroglio.  This situation is _not_ a
disaster.  As was prophesyed by the enlightened ones,  "a sign would come from
the verdant isle...where many hooves would point to the heavens and...countless
beasts would be cast into a great fire."  It was further revealed that,
"...their baleful agony would choke the nation as their souls flew free from
their mighty torment."

What was foretold has come to pass.  The milk of deliverance is at hand.  The
lactic jihad has begun.

CULT OF THE DEAD COW (cDc) has preserved the Bovine mysteries throughout the
ages.  We have worked in secret.  We have kept faith with the lustrous truth,
knowing that one day our time would come.  The dawn has broken.  Let those who
have hungered for meaning gather now.  CULT OF THE DEAD COW has moved from the
margins to the epicentre.  And as was further prophesyed, "ye shall make it
known on the great device" and send your message "throughout the world inside

It is now time for us to begin our universal ministry on the world's most
powerful medium.  We are not here to make billions of dollars from the
digisphere as the godless are.  We are here to tell the truth.  CULT OF THE
DEAD COW has arrived to tell all humankind that the COW will seize its rightful
dominion and be honored above all idols and pretenders.  Let the torment of
their fiery demise be an instruction to us all.  How far are you from the
furnace?  Who will hear your cries?  CULT OF THE DEAD COW is that bridge
between you and eternity.  THE COW is your comfort and solace and a giving
helper to all who call.

In the coming weeks and months while all of England's moneychangers mourn
their loss, think of this.  There are far more important things in this world
than the loss of lucre.  Think of your immortal soul and your place in the
cosmos.  Do not let millions of innocents writhe in deepest agony for naught.
It is the foulest affront to THE COW to be sold like a slave and butchered
without care.  Ponder these things and know that CULT OF THE DEAD COW will free
you from noxious ignorance and be a lamp to your eternal salvation.  We will
have more to say.

CULT OF THE DEAD COW is the publishing division of cDc communications.
Established in 1986, cDc is the largest and oldest organization of the
telecommunications underground worldwide.


Copyright (c) 1996 cDc communications and OXblood Ruffin.