Date: 6/4/95 7:19 PM
From: Swamp Ratte



A statement from CULT OF THE DEAD COW/cDc communications:

It is our belief that L. Ron "Old Mother" Hubbard is to be held
for the deaths of thousands of innocent men, women, and children in the 
"Killing Fields" of Phnum Penh, as we suspect that Pol Pot was a 

We believe that El Ron Hubbard is actually none other than Heinrich Himmler
of the SS, who fled to Argentina and is now responsible for the stealing
of babies from hospitals and raising them as "super-soldiers" for the purpose
of overthrowing the U.S. Fed. Govt. in a bloody revolution.  We fear plans
for a "Fourth Reich" to be established on our home soil under the vise-like
grip of oppression known as Scientology!

In order to preserve our way of life and keep the torch of freedom lit
for future generations, we feel it is our duty as responsible world citizens
to declare WAR on the so-called "CHURCH" OF SCIENTOLOGY.

As future developments occur, we will broadcast them to the free world
as soon as possible.  Thank you for your time.

S. Ratte'
CULT OF THE DEAD COW/cDc communications
Fearless Leader