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            Retrieving Information about RAS Connections / RasEnum
                                 by Sir Dystic

Under Windows 9x, any passwords that were "saved" were stored in the .pwl 
files for each user. These passwords could be retrieved in plaintext by any
application using the WNetEnumCachedPasswords() API, which was not included in
the header files or libraries distributed with the Win32 sdk but was included
in the files that came with the Win 95 ddk. Windows NT, however, does not have
this API but all the information about the RAS connections, including VPN and
direct serial connections, can be retrieved using the RasGetCredentials() API
with each of the RAS connections that is returned by RasEnumEntries().

Microsoft actually fixed the plaintext password problem with Win2k which 
returns a "handle" instead of the actual password which you can pass to other
RAS APIs that expect passwords. All the rest of the information will still be 
displayed under 2k but the password may apear as a string of *'s. This program 
may not run properly under 9x, if at all.

xXx // RasEnum \\ xXx

RasEnum.exe is a small program which lists the information for all of the 
entries in any phonebook file (.pbk). If you do not provide the path to a pbk
file, the default ras pbk is used, usually %windir%\system32\ras\rasphone.pbk.

                               Get Source HERE. 


                               Get the EXE here.