"Waiter, I'll have the breast of Sum Yung Gal."
                       -- William Jefferson Clinton, Prez
                              ordering takeout in Beijing
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  \   /  Global Dominatrix Updata #26
  (' ')  July 17, 1998
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Whether you're a longtime fan of the cDc's t-files, or just another bored
analyst with the Rand Corporation, you'll be all over this file pack.
Damn, we're good.
Once again, the CULT OF THE DEAD COW has got the poop for you on
Microsoft.  Introducing "Back Orifice", the app that can squeeze right
onto your favorite Windows network or even the Internet.  We'll be
introducing it at Defcon in Vegas on July 31, after which you'll be able
to download your very own copy for free.  We'd love to let you have the
super freakin' tools that we use to read Janet Reno's email but they'd be
way too much for you to handle -- sorta like a weekend with Isis.  So just
be grateful for BackOrifice, ya smelly little punks.
We pulled off another first.  Hong Kong Blondes' top noodle Blondie Wong
gives his first interview to the CULT OF THE DEAD COW.  We almost feel
sorry for those fools in Beijing.  They have about as much chance of
keeping the Blondes away from their satellites as Linda Tripp does of
making new friends.  Sad, really -- but fuck 'em both.  And after you
finish readin' the big interview, you just might get inspired and start
your very own chapter of the Yellow Pages.  Go ahead, be a hero.  But don't
come whinin' to us if ya get busted.
And finally, the CULT OF THE DEAD COW'S resident munitions expert and
keeper of the Queen's English, the Nightstalker, recently hijacked a
truckload of Viagra.  When we went to press, Federal Agents were out
looking for hardened criminals instead of the guy who used to use a
forklift to get it up.  Now he's out there waving his freak flag high --
on the end of his wiener.  Right on, brother!
356: "The Longer March" by Oxblood Ruffin.  The revolution's gone online
and it ain't gonna be pretty. Learn all you need to know about human
rights, hacktivism, American business, designer clothing, and more. 
The Mao the merrier.
357: "Flag Rant" by The Nightstalker.  How many Vietnam vets does it take
to change a lightbulb?  You know why you don't know? BECAUSE YOU WEREN'T
FUCKING THERE! After this file you'll never think of the flag the same
358: "San Francisco Cab Driver Stories" by G.A. Ellsworth.  If Keith
Richards was Travis Bickle's prison bitch then, uh, justa minute, I lost
my train of thought here.  Oh, yeah.  If you ever end up in San Francisco
and need a cab, you'd better walk.
359: "Dark Harvest" by Sangfroid.  One day you wake up and read that a
crackhead just murdered a friend of yours.  You: a) stop reading
newspapers; b) blame the drug czar; c) write a file for the cDc.  Choose
360: "The Journalist's Cookbook" by Reid Fleming.  Is it tongue is sheik,
or does this guy really have the system licked?  The cDc's own man of steel
breaks down the science so that anyone could interview a real live hacker and
sound smart.  Honest.
                 File submissions: omega@cultdeadcow.com
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Thanks to the following items of influence this time around:
WAREZ:  Back Orifice by Sir Dystic [bend over and spread'em, Bill]
PRINT:  Soldier of Fortune, Shaved, The Far Eastern Economic Review
VINYL:  Black Uhuru, Lester Young, Glenn Gould
MACHINERY:  The new Macs
COCKTAIL:  The Vesper [3oz.gin, 1oz.vodka, 1/2oz.lillet blanc and a twist]
GANG:  The Yellow Pages
* Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Like the writer in Malaysia
  who's using the handle, Blondie Wong
  At least run a copy of BackOrifice, ya prick.
* We love sharing email.  You know, the kind that moistens the eyes and
  raises a little lump in the back of your throat.  Thanks, Egan.
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  Date: Fri, 03 Jul 1998 12:29:38 +0100
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  To: veggie@l0pht.com
  Subject: Comment
  After browsing through your site I came to the conclusion that you are
  very sick and disturbed.......
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